BENMORE Whiskey in Town

Posted: 09/07/2011 in Food & Beverage, Hard Drinks

BenMore Whiskey is the NEW whiskey in town.

An Invitation from a friend that there will be a Blogger’s Night at The Wine Museum and i was thinking off and said that i Don’t drink liquor on special occasions only and since i have a collection of Liquor so i said to myself that why not give it a chance on how this Global Noble Int’l Corp. will do the Blogger’s Night and what’s new in Liquor Industry??..

From the entrance door we saw two lady blogger outside and having their break from dinner then when we got in registration first with badge and token from the owner, then after we have our photo taken with the Global Noble Int’l Corp. back draft and so we head our way to the 2nd floor and have dinner even before the program started. Fellow blogger’s in some familiar faces are also around and the Ambasador of BenMore Whiskey Borgy Manotoc is also around to promote the new whiskey in town. While having dinner presentation in front started and for the kick off after the half of his presentation he started to pick a coupon from the fish bowl for Starbucks GCs then after throwing out 5-6 Starbucks GCs or so he then started again another half of his presentation. What more excited to this event is that when we are about to start to taste the new BenMore Whiskey with your choice of mix, either coke, ice tea, soda sparkle or sparkle bottled water.

Another exciting part of these event is when you got a chance to have your photo taken with Borgy Manotoc which i believe most of our female blogger had their photo with Borgie. Then after Global Noble Int’l Corp. is really throwing out bunch of giveaways in limited edition black backpack from Black Label and 6 bottles of 700ml BenMore Whiskey.

Back to the taste of BenMore whiskey from the bottle i smelled the strong scent of the whiskey which is very inviting to all hard drinker out there. I got my 700ml bottle of BenMore Whiskey and definitely will share it to my family & relatives on our family gathering.

Thank you Global Noble Int’l Corp. for inviting us over to this Blogger’s Night Event at The Wine Museum.

About Whiskey:

Whiskey is a great industry in Scotland. Whiskey is an great pleasure in the rest of the world. The industry produces millions of litres every year, and the whiskey lover has to make great efforts to find some great single malts at the retailer or in the supermarket. Some retailers have very beautiful bottles, but Single Malt is expensive, and if you do not really know about is, you’ll hesitate before buying a good bottle…

First of all, it is important to know that there are two kinds of whiskey on the market. The first one, called blended whiskey is the far most popular one. The best known brands are J&B, Johnnie Walker, Famous Grouse, Chivas Regal, Dimple, and others. A blended whiskey is a mix of malts from several different distilleries and grain whiskey. The proportion of grain whiskey is important to determine the quality of the final product. The advantage of blend whiskey is that it’s quality is constant over the years. This is the art of blenders. Just like Cognac, which is also a blended spirit. Lovers of blend whiskey use to say that the result is superior to the sum of the components.

Single malt is the direct result of distillation of malted barley. A single malt is produced by one distillery, although it is possible the bottle contains whiskey from different barrels, even from different distillation years. This is done to maintain a certain constance in the taste over the years. Sometimes whiskey is sold as “single cask”, which means that the whiskey has matured in the same cask, without mixing casks.

For more information check the Link;

BenMore Whiskey is also distributed by GLOBAL NOBLE INTERNATIONAL CORP.

  1. Jane says:

    It was really a great night! So nice to meet you. Indeed, Borgy is so handsome!

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