Posted: 09/17/2011 in Uncategorized

REEBOK is know as a shoe brand product line then it follows with jogging pants, t-shirts & shorts. What else, last few years back reebok created an additional product line which incline into outdoor activities such as camping in outdoor products it has different variant such as outdoor socks, bags, gym & basketball accessories for men and women that is actively and have a luxury of time to do the workout for physical fitness.

The first item that I bought from reebok boutique shop in megamall was my jogging with all over snap in button’s on both sides of the legs for easy detach or easy to take off the pants and this is commonly used in basketball players and I also got my black sando and short then after I got my new pair of rubber shoes so as my girlfriend.

Last night REEBOK Philippines “15th of September 2011”, launch their new product line Softone for Women with Nikki Gil and Reebok Ladies with their new look Reebok Sports Wear for their workout. A variety of tank tops to your feet and not only that plus working machine for your physical workout like Treadmill for your walking, jogging to your physical workout, a bicycle for you legs workout. These new product line of Reebok is to enhance more, what ladies in different ages to their workout activities.

Bloggers enjoy their dance workout with reebok lady dace instructor Ms. for Zumba together with other reebok ladies with their reebok workout outfit. What’s so nice about this outfit is that a variety color to choose from and rubber shoes in different design which is suited for you or whichever shoes that you are comfortable with. Reebok new product line for ladies is to cater the needs of every career woman for their gym activities or even to their other sports activities.

This Reebok event for bloggers if very helpful specially to those young ladies and even those who are in body shape conscious that is to invest to their body shape.


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