Posted: 09/27/2011 in Movie Update

WARRIOR is a story of 2 brothers who are both in pain from their family. One is searching for his fathers love and care and the other choose his own destiny in life. These two brothers are fighting for championship.

A movie must see, that forgiveness is not just a word, but it’s within the heart of the forgiver. Tommy is the war hero of his comrades in US Army that saves life and after saving life he left the US Army without a word nor a resignation and Brandon is also a hero of class students in High School Physics and most of all his Family who suffers into the financial debts and mortgage for his family, and now the fights between two brothers will come to an end inside the cage of fighting in mix martial arts. Love in crossroads between two brothers and their father will be the only hope to rebuild the so called family where they belong.

Once again technology bring your life easier and by watching this movie it will change your point of view in life.


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