Bataan Peninsula State University

Posted: 03/12/2012 in IT Talk, Technology

      Another Invitation to give a lighting talk to the Bataan Peninsula State University Students together with Marica Uchida of DevCon, Kurt former MSP, Milo MVP & Trend Micro, Carlo, Michael Marin & Mac Vasquez.

      An experience that we will never forget to every university & colleges we visited around the Philippines, share our knowledge as well our experience to the university or college students. What more to this lighting talk event is you get a chance to know other speakers as well with their expertise.

      Student’s are the most relevant to this event coz they are the bida and listeners to our most interesting topics, like mine is Microsoft AZURE in which most the university students have really no idea what is AZURE.

Thank you to all IT Students of Bataan Peninsula State University for inviting us over and believing to all the speakers that gives a lighting talk.



Click here to view photos in bataan peninsula


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