DLSU Dasmarinas 2012

Posted: 03/12/2012 in IT Talk, Technology


Another lighting talk event held in DLSU Dasmarinas in coordination with Marica Uchida of DevCon. Speakers are as follows Milo-Security, Mark-Security, John-AZURE & Bam-WinPhone7 App. Corrine as our support and guest & Mac our longest time sidekick to every talk event we had all over the country.

A very heart warming talk event held in DLSU Dasmarinas, I never got a chance to visit this campus during my college time, but I hear about it that it’s a one of kind University Campus in dasmarinas cavite. A campus that have a National Bookstore on it’s own inside the campus, has a Hotel, Dormitory, Museum and a huge Library inside. DLSU Dasmarinas have a total of 20 hectare lot that you will take time to have a tour inside, with all the greatest buildings and wall creation DLSU Dasma is one of good school to go with your courses.

 In this photo 2 students of DLSU Dasma namely Debbie & Jessa who are with us and give us time to spend as our tour guide to this university and not only that they we’re the one who fetch us from makati and brought us all the way to their university in DLSU Dasma.

Click here to view photos over @ DSLU Dasmarinas, Cavite

A Special thanks to Microsoft for sponsoring us freebies to this event and DevCon for inviting us over to give lighting talk;


  1. BatMan2010 says:

    Your comments are most welcome…

  2. jessa says:

    wow sir! you really made a blog about your visit in our school..so flattering.. :”> Thank you so much po for your kind words..we had fun showing you around the campus..good luck to your future talks/seminars..God bless! 🙂

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