The LENOVO Amazing In-Store Obstacle Race

Posted: 03/12/2012 in Tech Blog Event

Recently Lenovo Philippines in coordination with ArdentComm held this The LENOVO Amazing Obstacle in-Store Race in Metro Manila. A chosen Tech Blogger are qualified to this lenovo race and equally divided into (4) four groups, two groups has a four members and the other two groups has a total of five members, namely Orange, Red, Black and Gray Teams are the opponents.

Team Orange, a team where I belong to are so excited to this event we actually have no idea that this amazing race of lenovo are within metro manila and so right after we we’re group into four they announced that this race is within the metro manila and so we all surprise in spite of that we all are excited to do the task. After the envelop where distributed and reading it we team orange call a taxi cab to our first task in Lenovo MOA, on our way to moa inside the taxi we are plotting the store and mall where other Lenovo Store are located and the possibilities task.


First Task; Assemble the All in One Lenovo B320, connect to wifi access and like the LENOVO, kinda simple task to do ha and yes it’s simple, but the very hard that took us few minutes to do it is to have access connection within sm moa and so finally we are connected and like then we got the envelop read and run to the taxi bay to our next destinations to Lenovo Store in Robinsons Place Ermita.

Second Task;  Watch a movie and find out the tagline of lenovo, and by that Tagline we need to assemble thru puzzled letters and just a minute or two we manage to assemble those lenovo tagline, so it’s done get the envelope read, run and ready to our next pit stop store of lenovo and it’s location is at Gilmore, but even before we take a LRT line 1 we all pass by at 7-11 to buy Gatorade for us before we head to lrt line 1 and lrt line 2.

Third Task; What are the features of the Lenovo B120? after writing all the four features of lenovo B120 we immediately get the envelop for our next destination, but before that we ask if somebody got in first before we do? the answer is YES, and we we’re got more excited and challenge at the same time coz our goal will be the first among the four teams. so take a taxi and head to the fourth destination and that is in lenovo megamall.

Forth Task; Is to invite or interview costumers and ask if the lenovo B120 is tv or a pc? for five customers and this would be the hardest task ever had coz lahat sila ay shy or mahiyain. then after we have it done for five customers we head to our latest task and to find out the internet shop were lenovo is there.

Fifth Task; is to play online games and have it win. and we did won to the games.

Team Orange namely; Bam Amor, Archie Casao Batbatan, Aileen Siwa & John Remir Cueto.

Watch our video coverage to get more excited…

Thank you to LENOVO and to ArdentComm for choosing me to be one of the participants


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