Bloggers Vision Trip

Posted: 05/05/2012 in NGO

World Vision – Bloggers Vision Trip conducted a advocacy trip to Cavite ( Cavite Edition )…

A number of bloggers brought to cavite by worlds vision to conduct a survey to all those who we’re enjoy the benefit from World Vision.

One of the extended hands was lend by the world vision are one family we visited for the outreach program by world vision, a family that started a dried fish business to cover all the daily expenses including the schooling of the four kids. world vision help this family by sending one of their daughter to the school and the other three kids also going to the public school, while the mother telling the hardship story experience they had even before world vision enter into their life the family members are having a hard time to go to school due to financial problems in which one of the common problem here in the Philippines.

Now that daughter already graduated high school with honor and pursuing her study in college level.

Other activities we had to this event are the sea shore clean up, feeding animals in the farm and harvesting vegetables from the farm as well.

It’s a good experience like a farmer for the day and a lifestyle that totally different to what we have here in metro manila and if you are in a lifestyle or category of a good living here in manila compare the family that we had visited in cavite it is very difficult to understand, but to experience their way of living.

One of the most happy moments are having fresh buko juice from the tree and a kamayan lunch with all other bloggers who participated the advocacy of the World Vision here in Philippines.

World Vision share their  blessings to the family who are in need..

Let us donate our extra means to World Vision to HELP the rest of the Filipino family who are in need to survive not just for a living, but with character and integrity in life.

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