A Livelihood Program by Villar Foundation


Coco Corve Factory


One of the great things that a person can do is to help other human, by giving them food to survive one meal a day. We often ask ourselves why bad things happen to good people and why bad people happened to be more lucky by means of having more money to spend . Some of us have a dedication in  life,  in different ways and one of those is to help others  in a simple way,  helping not only one but more people at a time by teaching them how to fish and not giving them a fish.

I was raised up understanding the kind of life and lifestyle that I can have in the future by choosing which road I can go forth. This is why guardians / parents play an important role in our life.

It is like a Foundation ,  kids can inherit or acquire all of  the parents skills and talents, as most parents want to give the best for them. Good parents teach their children to be independent  and  competitive .

Villar Foundation is here to help not only OFW that need and call for help, but for Filipinos who  live in their on country and those who are the less fortunate . This is why Villar Foundation created a livelihood program to help the less fortunate families and give more chances of living and not to be a beggar.

I was invited to witness the greatness and goodness of one Villar foundation that aims to give food and better life to the whole family not only on the day itself but for a lifetime . One of those livelihood program is Coconet Weaving, this livelihood program is created to help the community or one barangay with 40 families or more of a less fortunate families that have no formal job, but by doing little business like selling bote, dyaryo, plastic and metal are welcome to join in this livelihood program. This villar livelihood program does not required the family members to do an eight hour job but by time availability within twenty four hours.Most of the workers spend their time to do their task in this livelihood program not by number of hours they will work for, but by the family output.

SONY DSC The product came from  garbage materials from the river. During the time that villar foundation was conducting a clean up drive in the river , they found out that most of the coconut waste have been thrown to the river by the buco seller .  Villar foundation came out with a very unique project study with the help of Dr. Arboleda of Bikol University . The buco sellers became their partners in this livelihood program. Some of the buko sellers are now  sending their buko garbage to this factory and at the same time less buko garbage have been thrown to the river. Which is a must to rehabilitate the river.The project brings life not only to the family, but to the community. This is how Coconet Weaving Livelihood Program started.

Out of this Coco Corve Factory, the following machines  are being use : Decorticating Machine and Twining Machine. These are old kind of machines for  processing  coconet weave, but as Mr. Dexter Gonzales said the foundation can always upgrade the machine anytime if and only if the foundation thinks for the profit or earnings . But the reason why the foundation is not upgrading the old machines is all because to give livelihood to the less fortunate families within the barangay.

Thru this livelihood program of  Villar Foundation 40 families of each barangay can now support their family and have food on their table regularly. Kids can now go to school and help their mom or dad after school.  In this way kids can be more responsible to their life in the future and they are just like playing with their parents by helping their parents to do the task to this livelihood program.

Devine Resus story is a story of a one less fortunate parent among the fourty families working in livelihood program of villar foundation and there are thirty nine more mothers that have different story to tell on how and why they became part of the livelihood program.


Handloom Weaving is also one of the Livelihood Program of Villar Foundation to help the less fortunate families within the umbrella of the barangay nearby. 


I had a chance to have a conversation with one of the mothers who benefited to this livelihood program of villar foundation, her name is Wilbeth Pantano a 29years old with 2 kids and 22 years living in las pinas city. I asked her how does this livelihood program help her family? she told me that it’s a big help to her family ‘’as a mother I tend to take care of the family, giving the two kids food before and after the school.’’ On her free time while kids are in school she will do the weaving to create blanket at the size of 45” x 65” ( single blanket size ) a total of 65 pcs of blanket being produce per week or 3 pcs of blanket per day per barangay. I ask her if she is happy in her task and she told me “ YES ” she even told me that she is not tight up to her time like a factory worker who happen to work eight hours a day plus overtime, working in Las Pinas Handloom Weaving Center does not required an eight hours of work . Instead  Wilbeth works in weaving center on her free time after her choirs with the kids and at home .

Wilbeth is graduate of two years course of graphic design and was working abroad, but now she chose to work in the livelihood program to serve and give more time to her family.

Here in Las Pinas Handloom Weaving Center people are not paid on an eight hours load of work, on their output basis.


A total of 1,800 strands are being fed here manually and it took one day to set up to feed all the 1,800 strands to the 1,800 needles each handloom machine, to create a hand made blanket with a size of 45” x 65” fit for single. A total of 70 Loams Machine are being distributed all over of three barangay within las pinas city for livelihood program of villar foundation.


This is one of the blanket that handloom weave center creating for giveaways of villar foundation, Mrs. Cynthia Villar personally give me one of the handloom weave product and I am thankful for that blanket with basket made in water lily from Prinsa Molino Dam.


Household Waist Segregation

Pamplona Dos is now in an Ecological Waist Management with their Eco Center just beside the barangay hall of Pamplona Dos in Alabang Zapote road, Las pinas city, it’s another program of Villar Foundation in Las Pinas City.

According to Brgy. Cpt. Villalon year 2000 they started the segregation of Wet and Dry garbage in 20 barangay along side only for residential, commercial are not included in this program. Within the eco center they started to collect residential garbage at eight in the morning till eleven in the morning, then after collecting the garbage it will be brought to the  eco center of pamplona dos and. They will separate the wet garbage and dry garbage. Dry garbage like plastics in particular are being process to grain into bits of pieces and being mixed to create hallow blocks with a proportion of ten kilos of plastics to one bag of cement.

This hallow blocks are not commercially being produce rather use only within the Villar Foundation.


With this waste segregation, biodegradable waste are being process and turn into compost, vermin compost.


Food waste that are being collected by Bio-Men who go around the village pedaling bike with sidecar from the residential village are being process to produce compost and organic fertilizer.

Part of the compost are being use for regreening and tree planting program for Las Pinas City.    


Saving A River, Securing Livelihoods

An Environmental-Social Approach in Saving the Las Pinas-Zapote Rivers by Joyse M. Crisanto and Villar Foundation.


 A River dam station that build by the saint “ St. Eziekel Moreno “.

Once, a clean up was done in the river connecting Las Pinas city and Cavite City ,it was full of water lily and garbage in particular of coconut shell. 

Garbage such as coconut shells and plastics are big help to the livelihood program of villar foundation and not just for the foundation, but for  the families in nearby areas.

The River bed are now more than 2 meters high  due to garbage  being thrown by the residents nearby. The river runs in 12.6 kilometers through the interior of Las Pinas City yo Manila Bay.

By taking care of our river it will bring life to our natural resources and our city will be more greener.


Bloggers are invited including me to witness on how the livelihood program help the las pinas-zapote river cleaned for the benefit of the people live nearby the river and all the resident of Las Pinas City.

Because of this clean up , the foundation came up with coconet weaving, as one of the livelihood programs of villar foundation the Arts and Crafts made from water lily that are being produce and distributed to few department store and a giveaways of villar foundation.

This river produces water lily which is another livelihood program of villar foundation,  created for the less fortunate famiies live nearby the barangay.

Bloggers enjoyed the river crossing , photos with other bloggers show that they all enjoyed the tour especially on this river, it comes all natural and manually being cleaned up.


 I have live in las pinas city for so many years before we transferred to bf paranaque and I have never seen las pinas that has so many livelihood program been created, And just recently we were brought to Las Pinas Arts & Crafts that I was not aware that  las pinas has it for so many years already.

I have talked to some of my friends that live in good villages within las pinas even my relatives , they were surprised that las pinas city is been working to this kind of project about villar foundation livelihood program and what’s more surprising to them was that they never thought of las pinas city has this Arts & Crafts Museum Center that some of the livelihood program products are being displayed here.


These are the products crafted from water lily of las pinas-zapote river that have been rehabilitate for clean up, these products are being distributed as villar foundation giveaways and few department store here in the philippines.

Because of our natural resources families within the barangay zone are being fed with the help of villar foundation livelihood program and these families are not employee rather a partners of the foundation and the livelihood program.

This is the Advocacy of Mrs. Cynthia Villar together with Villar Foundation.

DSC01540This charcoal is another product output from coconut shell after process and being separated from the origin of buko shells.

There is really gold in our garbage just like this coz truly that coconut tree is a tree of life, coz you can use everything out of coconut tree.

A raw materials from natural resources like water lily, coconut shell to construction of houses to your health and now your household and this kind of tree are produces more for our living.  

Lunch with Mrs. Cynthia Villar

DSC01583After the whole day tour to all livelihood program of villar foundation this is the much awaited part of the tour “LUNCH TIME”.

It’s been half of the day after we all went around Las Pinas City to all the livelihood program of Villar Foundation with hot weather , we mingled with those families work in livelihood program of villar foundation, taking photos and interviewing good heart leaders among the livelihood program like Mr. Dexter Gonzales and Brgy. Capt. Villalon who were willing to answer all of our questions with all their heart. These people know how family members are being part of the livelihood program it’s just like they are the fathers who look after their kids while playing.

And now lunch is serve together with all the bloggers who took the tour within the las pinas city and their livelihood program of villar foundation. It’s a great lunch we all have  and coffee after meal, while taking a few minutes rest Mrs. Cynthia Villar  arrived for her late lunch with us.

DSC01645While Mrs. Villar taking her lunch she open the table for question and answer to all of the bloggers.

It is very unusual to a person who got high level in lifestyle to talk and mingle to people that he usually don’t know, but this time Mrs. Villar took  time to mingle with us.

Part of the conversation I inset the friendship route on how they come up with that idea and mrs. villar replied was; it’s not easy to come up with the idea of something like that coz it involved the private resident that within the village, but the traffic jam has to have resolution on this because alabang-zapote road are not that wide to cater all the private and public vehicle and this time with the friendship route on private vehicle with sticker can only take that route from manuela-bf resort-pilar-moonwalk-to alabang madrigal business and alabang village. Public Service Vehicle are not allowed to take this route rather the alabang-zapote road will only the way to take. And by acquiring the sticker for the friendship route are not available to not resident of las pinas city, therefore if you live nearby las pinas city.

Other concerns were discussed like who else are supporting the livelihood program . mrs. villar said that only villar foundation supports the livelihood program .  Villar foundation also supports the OFW  who ask for their help from abroad or other countries that need assistance just like we do and a simple ASK villar foundation is willing to help as long as they can.

DSC01656So much of thoughts that I’ve learned during lunch with Mrs. Villar about villar foundation advocacy to reduce less fortunate family in las pinas city to start with and in the future maybe on our country, a zero rate of poor people is the target of villar foundation. And by helping the less fortunate family rates of poor people is also reducing. Villar foundation teaches these families on how to fish and not giving them a fish to feed on.

We should also start doing the same thing, helping these people on our means and not helping them to help us on gaining our means for luxury and pleasure. We are fortunate enough to feed ourselves, our family and loved ones, to travel around the Philippines making great on our lifestyle and to travel abroad is greater, but what else we can do to help to our country out of these lifestyle?

Mr. & Mrs. Villar travel around the world because of the family business of camella homes to gather latest updates on what’s new for the house development and to give more insights for the business and because of that business this couple pushes them to do something extra ordinary for their countrymen and this is why villar foundation thinks of something different for the city and for their country by means of creating livelihood program to help primarily the less fortunate family.

To know more about the Villar Foundation please click the link below;

1. http://www.villarfoundation.org
2. http://www.villarfoundation.org/page?id=13&menu=4
3. http://www.villarfoundation.org/page?id=12&menu=4
4. http://www.villarfoundation.org/page?id=14&menu=4
5. http://www.villarfoundation.org/page?id=35&menu=4
6. http://www.villarfoundation.org/page?id=44&menu=4
7. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cynthia-Villar/345046595538533

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  5. Corrine says:

    Knowing that Villar Foundation supports such projects like this will help our country to be a better place. For them to able to show to the people there is no impossible if you put your dedication and commitment in helping other people even asking anything in return.

    1. this should set an example to our leaders here in our country..

  6. Very nice and informative article, and a very noble advocacy. May tamang blend, parang larawan at kape

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    this is great!

    1. it is just like what we do on Brigada Eskwela with Microsoft. This advocacy will give better living to the less fortunate families in las pinas city with the help of Villar Foundation.

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    Its one of the good move that the Villar has done cause “To whom much is given, much is required, that’s why its only rightful for such people who has been in power to help their constituent and even so the nation as a whole . I just hope that business tycoons should take steps that might uplift our economy whether they are in position on govt. or not. I commend this foundation and hope for more projects to come .

    1. a wonderful thought from a good friend of mine, indeed the leadership of Congw. Cynthia Villar would lead an example to our future leaders as we commend them into the next level of leadership. Thank you.

  12. Louise L. says:

    I lived in Las Piñas for most of my life yet I find it funny that I only know a little about these projects. People tend to focus on negative propaganda when it comes to politics that it tends to overshadow the true purpose of public service–which is to serve people. It’s nice that you were able to shed some light to the ways the Villars were able to affect the lives of many (not only by means of livelihood but also environmentally).

    Just my two cents: Some people may say that the main focus of this article is to (probably) praise the Villars but I do think there is more to that in this entry. If there is any praise given, truly, the Villars deserve it. (Eh commendable naman talaga yung projects!) Great that you have focused more on the aim, process, and pros and cons of each project to the community! Kudos Kuya John for the article!

    1. Thank you Louise for your comments, i also lived in las pinas for ten years and yes progress are being done and on going for the livelihood program of villar foundation and by doing so, this livelihood program are not just to uplift the villar foundation rather to go beyond the environmental change of las pinas itself with the initiative of Congw. Cynthia Villar and looking forward for more positive actions. pls do share this blogpost to your friends as well.:)

  13. nice to know that someone is willing to help. Hoping that this foundation would enlighten people especially those in politics to help those in needs.

    1. i believe so and this could be a very good example not only to us an ordinary people, but also to the Leaders of the Philippines should do the same thing..

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    3. yes it is. Congw. Dedicate her work to serve las pinas city people and as she work on it an expand mind twisting project will do so.

  15. Ina Rapada says:

    i lived in las pinas for a couple of years and it’s good to know that the villar’s are doing a big difference in that part of our world, mas maganda ang ganitong klase ng advocate to help alleviate poverty, sana tuloy tuloy na.

    Manilenya Mom

    1. yes. looking forward to that long playing of advocacy to help more less fortunate families, villar foundation probably be having more project.

  16. Your advocacy are truly a very good and nice project bec. you help many jobless people in LasPinas;I wish you could extend it on other places like ours…

    1. thank you for comments..

    2. Let me know i can visit your advocacy with my other friend blogger to help promote your advocacy too.

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