Tea101 California Garden Square

Posted: 07/16/2012 in Food & Beverage, Tea


A successful grand opening of Tea 101 at California Garden Square in Mandaluyong City, Finally had an grand opening and offer Buy 1, take 1 on all drinks. 

Tea101 is not new in town rather it’s a new different taste and flavor’s that definitely you will crave for.  As a Milk Tea drinker tea101 makes a superb milk tea in town. Milk Tea was first introduce to me last october 2006 back in Shenzhen, china with my sister. we we’re walking along going to the supermarket and my sister told to have it a try this milk tea, and I said it’s a good beverage for a healthy drink, and so after that day I ended up of having milk tea every night after having dinner.

And now here in Philippines I started to have milk tea just last 2010 and yet I cannot find the right taste of milk tea that I’ve been having in china until Tea101 came in the favorite Pearl Milk Tea and got a different taste of a milk tea. Tea101 comes in different flavor to choose from including Heineken and Yakult Milk Tea, only in Tea 101.



Now Tea101 California Garden comes out with it’s new give away, provided you need to show your loyalty card every time you visit and purchase a skyscraper size drink of Tea101. Once it’s filled all with the sticker you’ll get one of these, along your journey of placing sticker to your loyalty card you will avail free upsize, free drink and free sinker.

Price cost is very competitive compare to a hundred pesos milk tea.Try it and be refresh with the all new flavor of tea101 california garden square and collect all the color of tea101 tumbler.


These are the people behind Tea101 California Garden Square, The young owners..

Mark Labit
– Professional from an IT Company / Runner and a Marathoner

Meg Diaz
– Sales and Marketing manager from an Prestigious IT Company / Entrepreneur / Mom to a 1st Grader boy

Rennegail Caballero
– Wife and a mother of two adorable boys / Entrepreneur / Business Development Manager from an Prestigious IT Company

Ryan Caballero
– is into Photography / Car Enthusiast / and an Entrepreneur. A brgy. Official in Manila and a very passionate in helping People. Aside from Tea 101 he also owns a unique photobooth.

Mark Lirio
– The Young Entrepreneur aside from his biggest venture so far of Tea101, he runs also two successful small business Garments and LPGTrading. By July he is planning to open a home service spa.

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