Razer Ouroboros Wireless Gaming Mouse

Posted: 07/27/2012 in Technology


  Razer may have pulled off the unthinkable: an ambidextrous high-end gaming mouse that comes without wires…except for its charging cradle. The Razer Ourboros was announced, with availability slated for Q4, 2012.



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How will you be able to use this expensive one of a kind mouse when you are not playing games or hanging around in a coffee shop just to do email when the fact that your mouse is much more expensive than your mobile phone. Well it’s kind the fanatic of buying RAZER products and do it all to your gaming or personal use.

For me quality is the best than using imitation products when in fact imitation will only last less than a year or a year maximum.

RAZER is one of the BEST product for your gaming, Accuracy is the IDEA why are you getting RAZER Products and this all NEW Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse will do the rest.







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