Posted: 08/06/2012 in Movie Update

Universal Films of India

“Matt Damon praises Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy”
“I’ve only seen the trailer. But he looks great in it. When Paul Greengrass [director of Bourne Ultimatum and Supremacy] and I were talking about potentially doing a fourth one years ago and then handing it off to someone, Renner was the guy we talked about because I’m a huge fan of his,” Damon explained.

“I think he’s great. And I think he fits really well in that world, like, I really believe him in that world. So I think he’ll be terrific,” he added.

The Bourne Legacy Official Trailer 2012 including Philippine filming site in different locations all over metro manila.

Who would want to skip this movie? Nobody will… 

Jeremy Renner in one of the production shoot in Manila, Philippines… Jeremy show himself on how good / skilled he is in riding a motor bike with back ride.



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Thanks to Ayala Cinema Mall for the Complimentary movie ticket…



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