2nd PNP Film Festival Entry: “Bayani ang Tatay ko”

Posted: 08/08/2012 in Movie Update



Flooded everywhere in the Metro now, but look on to this a cinema 5 in sm city north edsa is flooded too not in water, but by people who love bayani casimiro with his friends in movie industries to support this indi movie called “BAYANI ANG TATAY KO”. A movie lesson learned that once the parents impart the importance and essence the meaning of FAMILY their kids will surely remembered.


I was invited to witness the movie BAYANI ANG TATAY KO, a movie that give and impart a good relationship and the meaning of FAMILY. That this movie not only the father, but also the mother will impart each role to the family.

The 2nd PNP Film Festival is now showing this movie BAYANI ANG TATAY KO, a movie will give lesson to each family member and friends.

Watch this movie BAYANI ANG TATAY KO to find more why family and friends are important to our daily life and why they are here and part of our daily life.




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  1. mhirbless says:

    Bayani ang Tatay ko is a good movie. It shows good virtues of our police men . The movie focused on maintaining dignity, putting honor to job, family and society. Thus in spite of all the danger and hardships of being a police, a person must always choose what is morally upright.

  2. macky says:

    pano di dadami ung tao pinamigay nyo lng ung ticket 😀

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