Shell Fuels the Fun at the 4th Philippine International Motor Show

Shell Philippines is proud to support one of the most highly anticipated automotive events of the year; the 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS). On August 16-19, 2012, the World Trade Center in Pasay City will be transformed into a motorists’ haven featuring the latest vehicle releases, exciting concept and prototype cars and everything in between for the motoring enthusiast. Organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc.

(CAMPI), PIMS promises fun for the whole family and Shell Philippines is front and center of the excitement.

Shell Philippines brings its Quality fuels and lubricants expertise closer to the motoring public with its massive display occupying the World Trade Center lobby. The Shell Booth features an exciting exhibit of their Quality fuels and lubricants portfolio including the all-new Shell V-Power Nitro+ line, Shell FuelSave line and Shell Helix, as well as an impressive display of the soughtafter Ferrari Formula One Showcar.

This year’s PIMS’ theme, “Drive the Fun,” echoes the Department of Tourism’s “It’s More Fun in The Philippines” campaign and offers attendees an enjoyable, in-depth look into the innovative automotive industry. Attendees are invited to participate in a wide range of activities, from interactive booths to test drives and technical workshops. Of course, the Shell Booth is no different with the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Booth featuring Shell’s latest generation of premium performance fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing and Shell VPower Nitro + Diesel. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of the Ferrari Formula One Showcar; a symbol of the technology behind the new formulation of Shell’s premium performance fuels, and its longstanding technical partnership with Ferrari.

PIMS attendees can also drop by the Shell FuelSave Booth with the Target One Million Challenge–an online mini-game designed to show motorists across the globe learn how to save fuel. With these exciting activities and giveaways and prizes in store, the Shell Booth is a sure must-visit.

Shell Fun Rally

At the end of this festive four-day motoring event, Shell takes the fun a notch higher with the Shell Fun Rally slated for Sunday, August 19, from 8am to 5pm. The Shell Fun Rally is a friendly driving competition promoting camaraderie among CAMPI members. The participants will travel from World Trade Center to the Thunderbird Resort in Antipolo and are tasked to complete exciting challenges at Shell forecourts along the way.

The Shell Fun Rally is participated by vehicles of various types and models from different car manufacturers in the country. Luxury cars, monster trucks and even fuel economy vehicles will convene at the World Trade Center on Saturday, August 18, at 5pm for the opening ceremony and official kick-off. All participating vehicles will be powered only with Shell Quality fuels, proving that indeed, there’s a Shell fuel for every motorist’s need.

Shell V-Power Nitro+
Shell’s latest generation of performance fuels.

Shell recently launched its latest generation of premium performance fuels namely Shell V-Power Nitro+ Gasoline, Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing and Shell V-Power Nitro + Diesel. The Philippines is one of the first countries in the world to see the introduction of the new premium performance fuels, which directly replaced the Shell V-Power fuels and Shell Super Premium, at no extra cost.

The introduction of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels builds on more than a century of experience in fuels development by Shell. “We have around 120 passionate fuels scientists and specialists across the globe working on fuels innovation, development and implementation to meet the evolving needs of customers and their cars,” says Mae Ascan, Fuel Scientist from Shell Global Solutions. “At Shell, the development of fuel technology is an on-going process. Shell V-Power Nitro+ is the latest example of this; the next step in the Shell V-Power performance fuel technology story.”

Shell Helix
Designed to Meet Challenges

Shell Helix is at the cutting edge of technology, with its Active Cleansing Technology (ACT) formulated to clean as it protects the engine, aiming for a smoother, more responsive drive. With Shell’s years of know-how in oil development, Shell Helix is designed to meet challenges, no matter the driving conditions.

The Shell Helix range of car oils are made from three important ingredients – base oils, viscosity modifiers and performance additives – carefully selected and skillfully blended to enable the oil to provide maximum engine protection. Each product is designed to address the specific needs of the car’s engine – Shell Helix Ultra E for Shell’s maximum performance; Shell Helix HX7 for extra responsiveness in your car’s engine; Shell Helix HX5 for reduced engine noise; and Shell Helix HX3 G helps to clean and protect older engines.

Shell Fuel Save

Designed to Save Fuel

Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel is a revolutionary breakthrough in fuels technology, designed to help motorists save. The innovation behind the new fuels lies in the Shell Efficiency Improver. Shell FuelSave Unleaded contains an instantaneous fuel economy formula that is designed to improve fuel efficiency from the very first tank full. The formula helps to reduce energy losses by providing lubrication where engine oils are less effective, such as the upper piston ring. It is also designed to keep inlet valves clean, prevent deposits from forming, and help improve engine efficiency. Shell FuelSave Diesel’s formula, on the other hand, is designed to ignite and burn more effectively than Standard Diesel, helping to produce more efficient combustion in engines. It is also designed to help protect against the build-up of deposits that can reduce engine efficiency.

“Since its launch last year, the Shell FuelSave line has been met with huge success by motorists – helping us gain strong preference among motorists looking for fuel economy in their fuel,” said Vanessa Ejercito, Shell FuelSave Brand Manager for Philippines.

Shell FuelSave Unleaded replaced Shell Super Unleaded, while Shell FuelSave Diesel took over Shell Diesoline Ultra.

Shell FuelSave’s Target One Million Campaign

Shell has long endeavored to educate Filipino motorists on saving fuel, which is strongly linked to driving behaviors and proper car maintenance. As part of its efforts to help cost-conscious motorists improve their fuel economy, Shell launched Target One Million, a campaign which aims to help one million motorists across the world learn how to save fuel.

“In tandem with the introduction of Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel, we have developed a series of interactive, online mini-games for people to complete at The mini-games have been designed to show motorists how the right choice of fuel and a few simple changes to their driving habits can help them save fuel, and in doing so, reduce their fuel costs,” Ejercito concluded.


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