Posted: 09/20/2012 in Technology

Introducing NuffnangX, the Social Blogging App that Makes

Reading Blogs on the Go Easy

Discover new blogs, follow bloggers’ updates and have two-way conversations with them through NuffnangX – another innovative product by the Netccentric Group.

PHILIPPINES, 18 September 2012 – Netccentric Pte Ltd – the parent company of Asia Pacific’s blog advertising community, announced today the global launch of its latest innovative product NuffnangX. NuffnangX, an easy-to-use app available on the iOS, android and web platforms, allows users to discover new blogs, follow bloggers’ updates, and have two-way conversations with them on the go.

The ever-changing landscape of technology is a challenge that the blogosphere faces. There is a trend towards short-form communication, and in this process, long- form blogging has been on the back foot – until today with NuffnangX.

“In this day and age of smart phones, it is time for blog readers to be able to read their favourite blogs on the go or even find new blogs of their interest,” said Cheo Ming Shen, one of the co-founders of NuffnangX and Netccentric. “The launch of this app is timely as this is exactly what NuffnangX is about – to allow you to Find, Follow and Communicate with bloggers”.

NuffnangX allows users to:

1. Find new reads.

Looking for an outfit for a special occasion and want some fashion inspirations?

There are thousands of blogs out there with interesting content, and whatever your interests, NuffnangX hand-picks blogs to suit your reading preferences. Think of NuffnangX as your personal blog shopper who selects the best blogs from around the world for you.

2. Follow your favourite blogs.

Have a minute to spare and want to get quick updates on what your favourite bloggers are up to?

NuffnangX’s Patent Pending Technology summarises hundreds and thousands of words of each blog entry on your feed to a single line that is known as the “elevator pitch” so you can decide quickly whether a blog is interesting enough for you to read.

3. Communicate.

Gone are the days where readers have to scroll through pages of comments just to check if their favourite bloggers have responded to them. NuffnangX simplifies the commenting process, making it seamless and easy to use. Readers and bloggers can engage in two-way conversations visible to other users, as well as receive notifications of new comments on the go. Bloggers can now reach out to new readers and at the same time, keep in contact with existing ones.

“It continues to be more and more challenging for bloggers to engage their readers and for readers to keep up with their favorite blogs,” added Ming Shen. “NuffnangX solves this challenge by allowing users to select their reads based on their interests and time, and for bloggers to have one-on-one conversations with their readers”.






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