CREATIVE Sound Blaster SBX Series

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Creative Sound BlasterAxx reveal it’s NEW sound blaster products the SBX Series, a Bluetooth wireless connectivity which cater our favorite tablet iPad or Android and it will connect wirelessly with remotely console from our tablet and iPhone gadget.

What other new in these products comes with different sizes accordingly to your needs. SBX Series is comfortably and mobile wherever you may want too. You can place it to your living room, kitchen while cooking, playing classical music on to your study room and even playing lullaby to your kids room. It will fit anywhere you want too, and with it’s latest Bluetooth technology it will play your song while using your iPad or Android with hassle free from all wire only with Creative Sound BlasterAxx.

SB10_L-Angle SB10_with drivers SB20__Top Panel

A whole new generation of Sound Blaster

We have combined the legendary audio quality of Sound Blaster and our high-performance wireless speakers into one revolutionary product. The Sound BlasterAxx’s range of products will not only transform the way you experience your music, movies and games, but also how you communicate in your voice calls. Together with its accompanying software suite, Sound BlasterAxx range of products brings to you a whole new level of engagement and interactivity with your devices. Watch how Sound BlasterAxx fits into your life.


Voice communications

Sound BlasterAxx’s built-in microphone, combined with our advanced CrystalVoice™ technology, lets you communicate in a whole new way. You’re no longer bound to your computer seat nor have a phone stuck to your ear during voice calls. What’s more, all communication is maintained in unbelievable clarity. Learn more about CrystalVoice technology here.


Only noise-free, crystal clear calls

Enjoy crystal clear conversations even in noisy environments. CrystalVoice’s noise reduction and echo cancellation features mean you’ll always be heard clearly as unwanted background noise such as that from a nearby vacuum cleaner or hairdryer is being eliminated.

You’re “in focus”

There’s also a Voice Focus¹ feature, where you can customize the acoustic zone, so that only your voice is heard when you speak within this zone. You won’t have to worry about your kids screaming or dog barking if they’re out of the focus area!

SB20_Back SB20_Front-Top-2 SB20_Top-Angle-R 


The Creative Sound BlasterAxx, Touch panel on top of the speaker are being place for more conveniently and accessible. Soft touch panel for sound volume control. Along the control panel there is a button softly to touch to connect and answer your call from your iPhone or Android phone.


Innovative and intuitive design

Sound BlasterAxx’s “Stacked Stereo Acoustic Design” combines two speaker drivers vertically into one chassis, making it not only space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, but delivers a great stereo experience as well.

Easily access the main functions using the intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel, which is conveniently located at the top. Have a 360° look at the Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 here.

Visit Creative Sound BlasterAxx website;



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THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer


THX TruStudio Pro Surround







THX TruStudio Pro Smart Volume





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