Beishan International Jazz Festival 2012

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Event Date:

Friday, 19 October 2012 – Saturday, 20 October 2012


6:30pm – 11pm


Price at the door: 180 RMB


TPR Education, Linkyard Culture, Delta Bridges


Beishan Theatre, Nanping , Zhuhai



(+86 756) 3227740


Chinese Website



Friday 19th October 2012, from 6:30pm till 11pm

Li Gao Yang Quartet(China)
Li Gaoyang is active in the music circles in Beijing. He performs as the chief alto saxophonist in Beijing Jungle Big Band (former Beijing Jazz Band), CD Blues Swing Band and Afrokoko Roots, and establishes his own band Gaoyang Li Trio and Gaoyang Li Quartet. Li has been praised as the “jazz power with rich originality and strength” by the media.

Buzz Bros Band(Netherlands)
The Buzz Bros Band, a Dutch jazz quartet, is an initiative of guitarist Marnix Busstra and his brother pianist Berthil Busstra. In its first decade, the band has played all over the world, including Europe, India, China, and Indonesia. Wherever the quartet performs, their specific sound and their inspiring musical approach always charms the audience.

Signe Juhl Quartet(Denmark)
Signe Juhl is born and raised on the west coast in Denmark. From an early age she began to play the piano and compose her own songs, inspired by the nature and the people around her. Critics claim her to be the new rising star on the Danish jazz scene. Besides jazz, she is inspired by folk music from all over the world.

EYOT is the band founded in Nis, Serbia about 3 years ago. Their music represents the musicians hungering for a fresh sound, blending the culture of jazz, the sophistication of classical piano, the gritty elements of East European folk music, and just a hint of smooth electronic fusion. In 2009 they were one of the three winners of Umbria Jazz Balkanic Windows Competition; many domestic and international festivals followed later (Nišvill Jazz Fest, World of Jazz in Dubai, DOKfest in Munich, Alarma Punk Jazz in Sofia, Veisa Jazz / Saransk, Midem Off / Cannes, Vicenza Jazz Fest…), along with club gigs on regular basis.

Saturday 20th October 2012, from 6:30pm till 11pm

WeDo Jazz Big Band(China)
WeDo Jazz band was founded in 1998. It grew out of Guangzhou Youth Jazz Orchestra, the only Big band in southeast China.

Diego Figueiredo Trio(Brazil)
Diego Figueiredo was born in Brazil, in 1980. Diego played many instruments before choosing the electric guitar when he was twelve, playing in theaters and local pubs, revealing the great art of improvising and harmonizing. At 15, he conquered theaters and nightclubs in many different Brazilian states, playing solo or with renowned musicians.
Besides being a guitar player, Diego is a producer, arranger, orchestrator, multi-instrumentalist.

Butterscotch (USA)
Butterscotch is a singer/beatboxer who incorporates her musical background of piano, guitar and bass into her compositions and performances. She is heavily influenced by jazz, classical, hip hop and R&B artists, ranging from Chopin, Stevie Wonder to John Coltrane.
Now Butterscotch is an internationally recognized vocal artist, most popularly known for her appearance on NBC’s "America’s Got Talent" as a finalist.

Luca Ciarla Quartet(Italy)
Luca Ciarla is simply one of the most creative and surprising violinists nowadays. His music easily transcends the boundaries among genres to trace an innovative musical path, a magical acoustic seduction in perfect balance between written compositions and improvisation, traditional and contemporary sounds.


You can buy tickets at the door for 180 RMB (per ticket per night) but we are not responsible if the Theatre is fully booked and you cannot come in.
You can also purchase your tickets in advance:

In Macau:
150 MOP at the Portuguese Bookshop, Rua de S. Domingos, 16-18 (near St. Dominic Church), 板樟堂街18號 葡文书局

In Zhuhai:
150 RMB at Danis Corner, 105, Hai Wan Ya Yuan, Gongbei, 拱北情侣路288号海湾雅苑地下105铺


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