Chatters Care for Kids inc. and LRT Tarpulin Posting


As an official partner of Operation Smile Philippines, Chatters Care For Kids Inc. look for different ways to help spread information on how people can register their patients so they can avail a free operation from Operation Smile Philippines and one way we thought of is by posting tarpaulins which has information on how to register a patient through texting some information to a specific number.

After contacting LRTA, We are glad that they’ve responded to our request and allowed us to post these tarpaulins in LRT line 1 and LRT line 2 for free, And through the help of friends and bloggers who wanted to help, they’ve sponsored the printing of 62 pieces of tarpaulins with the size of 3×6 feet that
cost around 270 pesos each with a simple and straightforward message.

imageWe are advocates of transparency, and we even posted the printing receipt on our website for all sponsors to see.






Future projects of Chatters Care For Kids Inc. for Operation Smile Philippines includes posting of stickers in jeepneys, ads in buses, more tarpaulins in public areas, all equipped with information on how to register a patient through text, and to produce a song that tackles the everyday life of kids with cleft deformities.


On behalf of Chatters Care for Kids ( CCFK ) and Operations Smile i ‘d like to thank the following bloggers, friends and volunteers who never had a second thoughts to support CCFK and OpSmile;

These campaign is to give smile to those kids who unfortunately can’t smile properly and as they grow up those smile are limited and all because they are not happy kids from what they have. Opereation Smile together in partner with ( CCFK ) Chatter Care For Kids are here to help kids with Clef Palette and Clef Leif to give them smile that they never have, Operation Smile will give them FREE Operation.

CCFK is also looking for volunteers to do this advocacy and mission to help those kids with clef palette and clef leif, with your time and effort to do so we in ccfk are gladly to have this mission with you.

Visit website and check out the latest activities of ccffk and OpSmile in LRTA for banner posting among all the lrt1 and lrt2 stations.

Thank you to the following; ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, our friends from Potato Madness and Partea Time. Especially to Jen, thanks to Ihna, Ivy, Philip and Liza, Gabrielle, Annabelle, Mas, Grasya, Kerll, and to Mikhail of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.


We look forward on helping us again in the near future to give Smile to those kids who need our help and change their future.

Chatters Care For Kids Inc.
“ Promoting the spirit of volunteerism ” Website:
Landline: 775-32-86
Fax: 857-21-06



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