The Walking Dead Season 3

Posted: 10/18/2012 in Entertainment, Movie Update


The Walking Dead 3

Fox Channel

VP – Territory Head Infected, Quarantine Implemented

Last October 16, press gathered at Enderun, Mckinley Hill for the official launch of the 3rd season of The Walking Dead 3.


The Walking Dead Season 3, Behind the Scene

The event started out normal enough – we were greeted by Jude Turcuato, VP – Territory Head of Fox International Channels. He began to talk about the new season of The Walking Dead 3 which will feature more intrigues, drama and of course, more zombies.

His speech was cut short however as a group of zombies ambushed, bit and dragged him off stage. At this point, an alarm sounded, and our host, Cliff Ho, told us to stay calm as he implements lockdown while he searches for help.

Thankfully, the Fox team worked quickly, and as we were finishing our desserts, the quarantine was lifted. Our host returned on stage to inform us that The Philippine Center for Disease Control were on hand to distribute TVs to every attendee, which can be used to get survival tips from The Walking Dead, or use to throw at attacking zombies.

None of the press attendees reported any attacks. Unfortunately, Jude Turcuato seems to have been infected and is currently under observation.

The Walking Dead Season 3 on Fox_c

Season 3 of The Walking Dead airs every Saturday starting Oct 20 only ON FOX.

Verdict :

I have watched and fully followed the series of The Walking Dead Season 1 & 2 on cable even when I was abroad I still follow the tv series of walking dead, Season 3 is another series will shock all of us in action and be thrill to all of the scene.

Will this Season 3 be more shocking and thrill us in every second till the end of season 3.    


What will you do when everyone are dead and run after you to eat you alive? then you have with you a living who doesn’t care anyone and anybody in his surrounding as long as he leaves and walking alive and nobody gets in his way on his journey as long as he leaves and have revenge to all the people abandon him.

How about put yourself as sheriff declared dead in your hospital room then one day you woke up in your hospital room after you were visited by your best friend and everyone is dead, where will you go? It’s a big thrill question and a thrill that “ If you Stand Alive ”.


The Walking Dead Season 3 on Fox




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