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Chips or Token are available in Tutoring Club not for betting games, but for kids to motivate them into their work sheet and knowledge. Thru this chips kids will be having fun while learning new strokes of math, english and reading. In every chips gathered by the kids is an equivalent to freebies or snacks for kids, so learning math, english and reading are fun too. Motivating kids to learn are the most gift we parents can give. And since we do best to our kids then we can send them to tutoring club to learn more…



When a child has difficulty completing his academic tasks, parents usually turn to a tutor. Traditionally, this tutor works with the child in accomplishing the day to day class requirements. They go over the current lessons together, answer homework, and review for upcoming exams.

At Tutoring Club, that’s NOT the way things work.

Getting into the habit of helping a child complete homework rather than identifying the weaknesses and strengthening the learning skills will not help a child become a successful learner. Tutoring Club does not subscribe to the band-aid approach of just simply addressing academic tasks such as homework and exam reviews. Instead, Tutoring Club believes in building and strengthening the learning foundation, applied skills and learned competencies moving from basic to advanced levels across all academic arenas.

The first step is to identify a child’s academic strengths and areas in which the child may improve. This is achieved through a Skills Assessment Test which pinpoints the specific areas in which a child is experiencing difficulty. Based on the specifically identified skill gaps, an individualized mastery-based Learning Plan is carefully developed.

It’s all about getting to the root of the problem. A child cannot do well in science if his reading comprehension is not up to par with the expected norms of his age. Likewise, progress to more complicated math skills would not be possible if basic addition and subtraction is weak.

At Tutoring Club, the goal is not only to have each child perform at expected academic norms, but to exceed them and have students strive continuously for excellence in all academic endeavors. And this is made possible through the efficient use of modern educational techniques and scholastic modules. Combined with time-honoured systems of instruction to test for a child’s needs, address their goals, and track their progress.

After 32 hours of tutoring, a child’s skill in a specific academic field is guaranteed to improve at least one full grade level.

Founded in 1991, Tutoring Club first opened its doors in the United States through businessman and entrepreneur Larry Schwartz, a veteran of the children’s learning services industry. The first Philippine branch opened in 2007 in Makati, for students at all levels of academic ability, from elementary through high school.

Tutoring Club franchises currently operate in nearly 200 locations throughout the United States. In the Philippines, Tutoring Club has eight branches located in Sta. Mesa Heights, QC; Fun Ranch, Ortigas; Greenhills, San Juan; Bonifacio High Street, Taguig; Power Plant Mall, Rockwell; Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati; Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa; and Banilad Town Center, Cebu.



Bloggers with elementary kids are invited to witness how Tutoring Club do their work on kids, Tutoring Club is a USA base class of tutoring method. What’s good on send our kids t tutoring club is that our kids will enhance their knowledge in math in different ways. We as a parents should also understand what our kids on too other wise we will be left behind. 

Tutoring Club have an advocacy to help kids in Math, Reading and in English and these are the kids who needed the most the kids in our public school and so Tutoring Club will bring the class in each an every public school provided that there will be an spare room for the tutoring club and the rest will be coming from tutoring club.

So why not send our kids to tutoring club and give it a try to our kids to enhance their knowledge in Math.

Check out Tutoring Club facebook fan page and their website;






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