Experience the 3 New Upsides to BonChon Dining

Posted: 10/19/2012 in Food & Beverage

Experience the 3 New Upsides to BonChon Dining

Three’s a delicious crowd at BonChon Chicken as it serves up three new upgraded side dishes to add to its already delectable menu.

Great things are getting better at BonChon with UPsides, a new line of perfect pairings to go with that highly addicting crispy chicken: the classic favorite of crunchy, sweet-savory Onion Rings; a bigger serving of BonChon’s much-loved skin-on potatoes that is their Large Fries; and the innovative, tastebud-tickling Sweet Potato Fries, made from imported sweet potato.

Diners can upgrade their Boxed Meals with fries as well as their Team BonChon Group Meals for only P15 per item. Each UPside can also be enjoyed on its own as a savory snack for just P60 a la carte.

While Sweet Potato Fries are being rolled out in Metro Manila stores, fans can head over to any Metro Manila store to try the new Onion Rings and Large Fries. These new offerings are coming soon to provincial stores.

For more information, like the growing Facebook community (BonChon Chicken Philippines) or log onto www.bonchon.com.ph


Great things are getting even better with the new BonChon Upsides, perfect pairings to go with the famous crispy chicken: (left to right) crunchy Onion Rings, imported Sweet Potato Fries, and skin-on Large Fries.

So how tasty is this Chicken BonChon Fries? hmmmm…. think we better try these new Chicken BonChon Fries and see how can I be PG ( Patay Gutom )on these.

There are a lot of French Fries out in the market now and almost all of them are saying that their fries are better than the other brand, and so can you make a difference on your products if you all got the same base production.

Lets See and Taste it? 


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