Sweet Sixteen

Posted: 10/29/2012 in Entertainment



Sweet sixteen compose with four students who vividly and still studying in one the top school here in the Philippines. One of them is a son of Robert Sena, during the interview as we read our press kit I notice a name Roberto Sena and I said to myself that this name is familiar and there you go when I look at them I said it’s the son of Robert. During the interview there is this questions to Roberto stating “ how do you feel or stand that you are a son of Robert sena?” and he answered “ I don’t like to being drag with my father’s name !” a safe answer from Roberto, he means that he have his own identity from his father.

These four young teenagers will definitely hit the big star in entertainment business as long as they stay together and be part of each song they have. Sweet sixteen just launch their first opm album and those songs are good to listen while relaxing your thoughts.



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