Headphones that are built to last

Posted: 11/14/2012 in Uncategorized

Headphones that are built to last

Each time you recklessly chuck your headphones in your backpack after every use, you know too well those headphones might not come back to you in one piece. Let’s face it: the backpack, combined with an active lifestyle, is an extreme environment for headphones. Adventurous andactive music lovers always find it hard to make a pair of headphones last due to all the wear and tear from their activities.

“Loose cords and broken headbands are just some of the problems that many music lovers encounter with their headphones. Whether it gets broken in the backpack or in the mountains, people always end up disappointed with subpar durability,” says Ms. Angelia Oh, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philippines.

The Construct

To address this issue, Philips and surf brand O’Neill teamed up to develop a range of headphones that are strong enough to endure extreme conditions. The Philips O’Neill The Construct SHO7205BK is part of this line.

According to Ms. Oh, The Construct is one of the most durable headphones in the market due to its material and construction. Its ultra flexible TR90 headband can withstand bends, stretches and twists without deforming or breaking. Its cable is just as tough and is also tangle-free. The headphone’s drivers are also protected with metal rings around the earcan and employ engineered safe release cans that allow it to weather hard impacts.

In terms of sound quality, The Construct holds its own, with Ms. Oh explaining that “The Construct delivers solid deep bass that’s crisp and powerful through 40mm drivers.” This means that users can still clearly hear their music regardless of their activity. And where comfort is concerned, Ms. Oh says that the ear cushions are soft and thick enough for isolation while the headband cover is made of soft fabric for added comfort.

Ms. Oh adds that The Construct can be enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners. “Sound lovers are not limited to commuters or office workers. They are everywhere. And we want everyone to take their music with them everywhere as well without the fear of it getting broken,” she remarks. “The Construct is a pair of headphones they can literally bring anywhere, even in the great outdoors.”

The Construct man

“Durable portable headphones are hard to come by. But this range of Philips O’Neill headphones were made to outlast, withstand and endure, with the consumers’ utmost needs in mind,” she concludes.

What could be the first brand you would think if somebody say HEADPHONE? on an abrupt reply you can get is PHILIPS.. Brand itself is a history in the world of listening and it’s always a part of our daily lifestyle.

Philips come out with it’s latest headphone that will carry all out other brand to the world.   





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