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Posted: 01/16/2013 in Biking, Sports

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I started to do biking when i was in high school, back then i was using BMX bike. i bike around the village with my friends and neighbors, and so when i finished biking around the village and almost every corner i biked to i started to do village hopping with my bike and my friends, from moonwalk village we go to bf resorts, casimiro village till we reach out manuela village in las pinas city.

On my 3rd year high school we move to tahanan village in bf paranaque and with my bike i did the same way until i finished biking the whole bf paranaque, and so the challenge started when i was 4th year high. I condition myself on biking for long hours within the village and a month after i biked from bf paranaque to the house of my high school classmate in tenement taguig city with extra care on the road.


My new Mt. Bike, a gift from my cousin AJ and my Tito Boy made and from USA.

Last year i was inspired with some sportsmanship who run, bike and swim during the unilab presscon at the crown plaza hotel in ortigas. During the presscon unilab introduces our filipina lady bull runner, our filipino king of running, philippine bike champion and a husband and wife who does the triathlon.

And with this people and their dedication to their sports i decide to extend my sports activities into mt. biking other than mt. climbing, rock climbing, abseiling, diving and running. Now i am into mt. biking with a 45mins bike from caloocan to sm moa with this mt. bike gift for my birthday.   

IMG_2471 IMG_2478

With me when hitting the road from caloocan city to microtel sm moa bayview in pasay city, took me 45mins recorded from my iRunner app for iphone and itouch.


IMG_2484 Then after a two laps of biking in bayview i’ll be having coffee while reading newspaper, after i finished my coffee back on my mt. bike hitting the road again back to caloocan city. Passing from pasay city, manila city and end to caloocan city.

Healthy and clean living for me, my body and mind.

IMG_2468 Got my bike with equip with Cateye Velo 9, it count’s my Calorie Burned, Time per kiometer, total kilometer traveled. Cateye Velo 9 helps me a lot in terms of documenting my inter city bike traveled.

My route is from Caloocan passing by Manila City all the way to CCP Complex to SM MOA, Pasay City.

IMG_2526 IMG_2527  


With these accessories that i have for my biking like; Helmet – helps me for my head safety and injury from my inter city biking, my Spyder Pro Grip Full Gloves -  helps me of having blister from the palm of my hand and helps me not to sun burn my hands too, it has a latest technology of magic strap for easy snap on and off, Belt Bags – Carries all the tools that i need like; Air Pump, Water Bottle, Y Tools, carries my canon digital camera and my wallet.  



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  1. meann says:

    hello po… new user ako ng cateye velo9… panu ko po itatrack ung 2 days cycling ko po? d ba automatic stop xa pag huminto bike? thank u po


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