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We Filipino’s loves to go out with family and friends and one of the reasons are bonding together, sharing information’s and experiences, what had happened to us lately, asking for advise, date with your love ones. But most important is where to go first, where do we stay for a dinner, for a drink or having coffee while spending time with your love ones, family or friends to relief your stress.

We do qualify and make voting with our friends on where to stay with family and friends. If with friends, barkada or tropa we normally go to the bar and have couple of beer and if we are with our family of-course we will choose family place for the kids where they can stay so we can play with the kids.

CLOVER RestoBar offer to all kind of people out there who wants to spend time with their friends or relatives. Clover have a bar where they serve liquor at a very affordable price, you can also order soda or ice tea when you feel dizzy from your fav bev.

What’s good into this restobar is a quality service and great food they have, prices of the food are very affordable and worth it. 


These are the food we had during mtg. with me, Ross, Brandy and Pepi, mac is the one taking us photo.

The bar is very cozy with the couch to all the guest.  

IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2510

with me are bloggers too Pepi, Ross, and Mac is also here in clover restobar to celebrate the Ladies Night Out.  it’s just that, we need to drink moderately or headache will come to us. Jack Daniels, is on the house from gilbert of Clover RestoBar. Me and ross had a tequila rose- a mix of vodca and strawberry. Then we had a hot buffalo wings, dynamite, chicken clover lemon and many more for dinner. Food from Clover RestoBar are very affordable and tasty, with all the food we ordered non of these are spoiled to us.  

Watch Clover RestoBar surprise event every week. Continue visiting clover restobar facebook fanpage for weekly updates to all of the surprise event. Last week we had a great night at the clover restobar, we met new friends as they are approachable and ready to join to every game. Ladies are ready to mingle to everyone inside the bar.


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