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I was privilege to taste the pastries, cakes, empanada, tea, champorado and meal from ManilaBake and i can say that i will recommend to you guys to drop by at manilabake katipunan and experience the taste of what they’ve to satisfy your appetite.

This bread stick is awesome, i have a one year and four months old nephew and at his age he can say that he like this and that. This bread stick is a bit of spicy and the other variant is not, it’s just that i got the spicy one and fortunately kids love it too…



This meal will definitely filled your hungry tummy, a simple dish with full of nutrition and protein that you need. At this size it’s seem small that you can say, but if you finish the whole thing i bet you cant ask more cause your "BUSOG NA" and what will you do if you are busog na? Have yourself a whole natural manga tea….


Manga Tea will serve to you in a totally different way. And if you are a tea drinker in a form of hot or cold like Milk Tea, Hot Manga Tea will satisfy you after having a meal or bread. Tea is a good form of beverage that will clean your entire body system. 


A basket of full manilabake bread will stuff you greatly ..

DSC05741 DSC05121 DSC05127 DSC05677

Dine in or take out manilabake will serve you what you want accordingly from the menu.

My wife likes the champorado too, the cake, pastries and pandan beverage. During the product photo shoot there is one grandma came to us and ask if manilabake serve a meal like we had " the pasta and mash potato with ground pork ", i told her that manilabake serve the meal already and she told me that she doesn’t and every time they came by they only ordered coffee and bread, so i told her next visit try the pasta, champorado, mangga tea and mash potato with ground pork. And my wife replied " try nyo masarap yung serving nila nakakabusog…:)

More new food are coming so you better watch it out…SOON…


Our little endorser of manilabake… Aim like the bread stick very much from manilabake..

Baby aim enjoys the time we visited the manilabake he even acted as a product model and tries his best to entertain all the customers who came by.

Aim is just a one year and four months old and he knows what he likes specially in food, manilabake spicy bread stick is what he likes the most and he even taste, champorado and calamansi cake.

They said that when you are doing something do it at your best with love and care, Alvin and Gretchen started on like a baking bread for their own cooking your favorite food for your love ones. And one day they decided on selling a pandesal, cakes and pastries they made along katipunan avenue until such customers or so called suki are asking other kinds of food they like these is how manilabake started to serve like pasta, champorado mashed potato and other stuff to satisfy your hungry tummy.

And it’s all because they serve with TLC and not just to earn.  


My wife enjoyed very much everything we had from manilabake with my sister, zek, baby aim and jc.

Left over are being wrap and place into the paper bag for to go, and we get back to our place kids attack the paper bag and finish the left over. 

DSC05767 DSC05768 

Thanks to Alvin and Gretchen owner of Manilabake and to Nana Nadal for giving me a chance of opportunity to taste Manilabake products, it’s worth of being there on a rainy weekend.


Manilabake is located at Brgy. Blueridge,206-A Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Store Hour is Monday – Sunday at 6:00am till 9:00pm


call; 02.509.1973 / +63.916.4984547

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