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Posted: 02/01/2013 in Technology

What else can you do with your Gadget’s? and since SECURITY is one of our top priority can we more from our mobile?


CalypsoKey Lets You Unlock Doors and More with Your iPhone

One of the more common bits of technology in the smartphone world that the iPhone is still missing is near field communication. NFC technology allows many of the smartphones on the market to automatically pair with accessories and share content with compatible devices by simply tapping them together. Apple has yet to include NFC technology in its iPhone.

The case is now launched called the CalypsoKey that brings NFC technology to the iPhone via a case. The case has a dual band antenna on the inside that allows it to work with almost all common RFID and NFC devices on the market. That means with your iPhone and this case you can use the available NFC door locks and more.

The case has a 13.56 MHz RFID antenna and a 125 kHz RFID antenna inside. No apps are needed for the NFC tech to operate and the case needs no charging.









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  1. What a simple yet brilliant idea. I wonder how long it will be before Apple realises that they have made a mistake by deciding to leave NFC out of their handsets.

  2. luxuryname says:

    that’s great Technologies, i would also introduce a technologies, but that technologies Only for Students or Schools Check out : —

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