Timex Expedition WS4 Widescreen 4-Function Watch (Orange/Black)

Posted: 02/10/2013 in Sports, Technology

Timex Expedition Watch

Timex Expedition WS4 Widescreen 4-Function Watch (Orange/Black)
This is a really remarkable men’s digital watch. Just look at that photo, wow, totally masculine and rugged looking. If you don’t like a "big" watch, stay away because it’s bigger than it appears in the photo.

It might be a bit of overkill for some, but for sure people will constantly ask you questions and compliment you about it. Certainly an awesome "conversation piece."

This watch actually has a built in "weather station!"
All the important and relevant data about the conditions around you are displayed.

Your Altitude (not always totally accurate)
The Barometric Pressure Temperature (if you want an accurate reading, you have to remove the watch however) Compass All this on a super wide screen (with high-resolution graphics) to fit all of that information in a very organized manner.

A truly beautiful and stylish digital watch, very highly recommended for the active guy; please click on the link above for more detailed information and newest reviews


Timex Expedition Watch1 Timex Expedition Watch2 Timex Expedition Watch3



If you are an outdoor person and love to go out of town and do mountain climbing, rock climbing, wake boarding, snorkeling, diving, biking and other extreme sports this expedition Timex Expedition WS4 watch is right for you.

It’s also goes in different color and design right for your personality and favorite color, Price would start from $137.74 to $ 239.99 via online trasaction at amazon.com.   





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