Apollo Launch

Posted: 03/11/2013 in LifeStyle, Technology


A Revolution of R2 are now here in the Philippines to give you more convenience to your retina. Apollo Lens makes it so easy to each in everyone of us to guide our eyes in a corrective manner way of wearing an eye glasses with hassle free nor infections like redness of our eyes.

DSC_0024 DSC_0030

Technology are need to this kin of product and RnD will do everything to be more product precise, accurate and excellent quality, but what could be the fall of each excellent high quality product? That would be the cost! Otherwise, if the company less RnD the excellent quality of the will sacrifice and definitely you as an end user will curse the company. So why entertain less convenience when you can be more accurate to everything you will do together with HKLOP and Apollo Lens.    

At the start of the new millennium, the Hong Kong based premier optical laboratory “HONG KONG OPTICAL LENS COMPANY” ventured into establishing a foothold in the optical industry of the Philippines. Thus, Hong Kong Optical Lens Philippines Laboratory Inc., (HKOLP) was born. With the goal of providing the local clientele with world class optical lenses, the company equipped itself with state of the art & internationally renowned equipment from LOH of Germany & Satis of Italy as the backbone of its production line. And backed up by decades of technical expertise, HKOLP provides the same quality lenses that Hong Kong Optical is known for all around the world. Fused with its promising staff, HKOLP promises to provide the public with its dedicated products and services.

DSC_0124Selected Bloggers we’re invited to witness the HKLOP Chinese New Year Celebration last February at EDSA Shangrila Hotel. HKLOP distributed each blogger a blue coated eye glass as a gift in collaboration of celebrating the chinese new year and in blogging community. Thank you HKLOP for inviting us. 

With the commitment providing the local public with the world class lenses, the company introduced revolutionary products from Kodak, Sunsensors & Apollo Lens which is also the house brand. Kodak introduced to the market the “in mold” hard coated semi finish blanks and the first true “short corridor” progressive providing the ultimate solution for the presbyopes who would want the smaller, more fashionable frames. Sunsensors gave the users a better alternative to the traditional photochromic lenses with its “whole lens” photochromic line. And with the introduction of a next day delivery service of multi-coated (A.R. coated) lenses and tailor made special thickness or parameter lenses to the local market paved the way for a more satisfied customer base.

Hong Kong Optical Lens Philippines Laboratory Inc., envisioned itself to be a total eyewear solutions provider to the industry.

Please visit their site www.hongkongopticalphils.com and also www.apollolens.com

Check out this video on YouTube:




HKLOP will provide you a 100 percent quality service and they will commit to you on that.

Visit my facebook fanpage to view more photos of HKLOP Celebration in EDSA Shangrila Hotel last February for a chinese new year.




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