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Posted: 03/15/2013 in Food & Beverage


Get ready for the shake up as Mister Donut unveils its most dramatic change ever.

31 years of continuous innovation in the Philippines has gotten Mister Donut on everyone’s Favorites List. This year, they’ve decided they were due for a facelift. This is no mini-lift, mind you. Your old favorite will unveil not just a fresher face, but a whole new dining experience as well in three wonderful ways – one for each decade of existence in the country: new look, new offerings, new hours.

A fresh new face can’t get any better than with fresh new offerings. Along with this makeover come new items to turn your visit into a complete dining experience. All-Day Breakfast, Pastas, Burgers, and even Milkshakes are all eager to greet you with the sweetest of smiles daily. And as if that isn’t reason enough to visit, Mister Donut Philippines finally launches the much awaited Pon de Ring! Taste the original Pon de Ring and experience the unique soft and chewy treat that has become Japan’s number one donut.

And what would a sparkly new menu be without a sparkly new shop? Out with the old and it’s in with everything new at Mister Donut’s flagship store in the Greenhills Shopping Complex. Same spot, new look, new taste awaiting brighter smiles twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It’s a donut dream come true!

Live the dream every day from March 15, 2013 only at Mister Donut



Oh what a life it would be to travel across the seas and explore different cuisines. We live vicariously through those who have and are able to share with us the tastes around the world. One such character is Pon de Rick, a Japanese pastry chef who enjoys nothing more that to discover all the flavors this Earth has to offer. Best known for creating the Pon de Ring, he has recently found his way to our humble islands and has decided to stay.

Lucky for us folk for he has brought with him something that’s sure to bring bigger smiles to all our faces as he offers a fusion of world class dishes, the sweetest dining experience, and finally, a taste of this phenomenon that is the Pon de Ring, all to his new home at Mister Donut Greenhills.

products_dessert products_chocomilkshake

Pondering on the Pon de Ring

On one of Pon de Ricks travels, he discovered the classic Brazilian cheese bun called Pão De Queijo, and was extremely delighted by the unique texture and taste. These buns, made of cassava flour and cheese, were soft, chewy, and incredibly tasty. Inspired, he sought out the South American recipe to adapt it to his first love, donuts!

The ring of chewy, fluffy, irresistible little balls took Japan by storm. Outside, it looks like a ring of donut balls stuck together, but inside the slightly crunchy exterior is something words can’t explain. The mouth watering goodness can only be justified by the sounds one conjures after taking a bite. And another. And another.

Wonder no more as the Pon de Ring, along with a slew of other new menu items, will be available starting March 15, 2013 at Mister Donut Philippines’ flagship store at the Greenhills Shopping Complex. Celebrate the re-launch of your old favorite and see the transformation everyone can’t wait to experience.



PON DE RICK clip_image002




What would you think if it ask you about Mister Donut? I answered " BREWED COFFEE " in except of any other donut.. which the fact is yes. Even before starbucks came in the philippines Mister Donut is already here and one that included to their menu is a Brewed Coffee, in which you can paired with any variant of donut. Mister Donut even came out with VIP Card to all brewed coffee lover of mister donut in selected store and one of it is in sm city north edsa that i used to hang out with, why? Because mister donut is one of the classy cafe to hang out with your family and friends.

Now, Mister Donut came out with a new variant donut to serve to all of us and that is the Pon de Ring donut. A new soft and chewy donut that you will enjoy with your kids. This Pon de Ring donut just landed here in Philippines which already been serving in japan, so the idea is made in japan. The soft and chewy taste of Pon de Ring will last you in five hours then after it will just an ordinary donut way of eating it.

The soft and chewy Pon de Ring Donut are now available in Mister Donut Cafe in greenhills with its new concept store that is easily find in the corner.

View Photos of Mister Donut Cafe Bloggers Night… Click HERE;


Visit Mister Donut website; http://misterdonut.ph/special-announcements




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