Tea Tap Cafe

Posted: 03/15/2013 in Food & Beverage

Tea Tap is one unique Place to be with your love ones and barkada. Location is very accessible, parking lot is also available. Tea Tap is a place where you can stay and explore and access the World Wide World coz tea tap has WIFI. A place you can stay with your favorite milk tea flavor, together with other pambusog like burger rice and other meal that is in the menu.  


With these new flavor of Tea Tap Milk Tea it will be hard for you to decide. Tea Tap is not just a milk tea store rather it’s a Milk Tea Restaurant with any other merchandise that you can choose from.

DSC08850 DSC08870

with these other food that included to the menu you will definitely be keep on coming back, not because of milk tea rather also because of food in the menu.


A very cozy place that you can hang out with, if you are a type of person that love to stay in a coffee shop like starbucks, coffeebean and seattlesbest not just because of the coffee, but also because you love the place and you feel relax every time you dine in or just simply drinking. Here in Tea Tap Cafe you will definitely stay more not because you are relax and like the place, you will stay because it feels like home. Be in the world of world wide web with your favorite beverage or milk tea and with your favorite food too.

DSC08926 DSC08937    

Tea Tap Cafe sees the future of serving their customer and one of the idea is that tea tap is also service yogurt ice cream with fruits on top at very affordable to your pocket.

Me and my son got the chance to have a bit of a taste of Tea Tap food and beverage and up to the point of getting full, and indeed we were. My son knows his taste buds and he is very critic when it comes to the food and how to prepare off.

DSC08883 DSC08906

My son JC likes to watched on how to prepare his food and what he excite the most is he likes to try to prepare it on his own too.

Just like he keeps on watching on how to prepare hid yogurt ice cream, just like how to prepare his yogurt ice cream in zhuhai china.

After these event my son keeps on asking me of going back in Tea Tap  Cafe which is located in the corner of Wilson St., and P. Guevara St., Greenhills, San Juan City.

It’s been said that the best critic you can get are from the kids. 

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Selected bloggers together with the owner of Tea Tap Cafe and the youngest blogger JC Cueto at Tea Tap Cafe in Wilson St., cor P. Guevara St., Brgy Greenhills, San Juan City . Thanks to Aldous for inviting me.



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