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Bike locks are all well and good, but if you really want to keep your bike protected, you need to outfit it with a BikeSpike ($150 and up). This small accessory attaches to your bike via a custom water bottle holder, and packs a GPS chipset, cellular antenna, and accelerometer into its small black body. Thanks to all that tech, you can monitor your ride’s location using a phone or computer, digitally “lock” your bike and get a push notification if it’s moved/tampered with, automatically alert contacts in the event of a collision, and monitor stats like distance, speed, and favorite courses. Just think of it as a combination Find My iPhone/Nike+ for your bike.

Watch the Video; Click HERE:


What does it do?

  • Monitor your bike’s location on a map using your phone or computer, (native iOS and android app included)
  • Collision detection system can alert key members of your contact list and share the location of an accident.
  • Grant temporary access to local law enforcement, helping increase the chances of recovery.
  • Digitally “lock” your bike and receive a notification if your bike moves from its geo-fenced location or if someone even tampers with it
  • Share your stats (distance, speed, and courses…) with friends, coaches and spectators. 
  • Monitor your children and get notified if they ride out of their safe zone.
  • Our open API allows developers to create gaming and fitness apps that you can download and use with the device or use the data created from the BikeSpike to integrate with the existing apps you already love. Export a GPX file. 
  • PLUS, with the Hacker Pack, you can connect it to a motorcycle or other on-board batteries for a continual charge.






Now a days a lot of people are getting conscious with our physical figure and the best remedy to this is to get involve into different kinds of sports sash as jogging, running, swimming and biking. Lets talk about bike, we oath to buy bike within budget and with the best deals on our end that we can get. And we buy the best of the best bike ever, and that would be expensive. And by having an expensive bike we start to have the fear of loosing it by means and declaring it STOLEN. I think BIKESPIKE is the answer to our fear of loosing our bike, Why? because it has a bike GPS tracker that automatically reports a crash to contacts, alerts you if tampered with, iOS/Android/Web friendly with open API.

Would this bikespike work in Philipines?   



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