Heaven’s Barbeque – A Bite of Heaven in a Stick

Heaven's BBQ Chinatown branch

Heaven’s Barbeque – A Bite of Heaven in a Stick 

Barbeques are part of the Filipino pop culture and cuisine. You can find a barbeque stand just about anywhere, and Bacolod-home-grown barbeque joints have sprouted all over the city. Sadly though, not everybody get their barbeques right. I have tasted a lot of pork barbeques in this lifetime – as I’m sure you have, too – but Heaven’s Barbeque stood out with its tender, soft meat even after some time off the grill.

Heaven's BBQ Complete Menu

The first Heaven’s Barbeque is located in Malugay St. cor. Buendia Ave. in Makati. Centrally located at the heart of the metro, it caters to professionals working in the surrounding skyscrapers, students from nearby schools and even the posh subdivisions around the city. From this first branch, it has now 8 other branches strategically-located around Metro Manila, operating on different business models (Full Line Store, Express Take Out Counter, Kiosk, Cart). They take pride in the fact that they only use high-quality and choice-meat, all naturally-flavored and prepared fresh everyday. Heaven’s Barbeque had been proclaimed Best Barbeque by Food Magazine, first in May 2009 and once again in May 2013, besting out other barbeques available in Metro Manila.

In a city where food businesses come and go, Heaven’s Barbeque had been around for almost a decade, in testament to the quality of food and service they consistently give to their clients. I have been given a chance to visit their branch in Malugay, and the experience was certainly more than what I expected. From an unassuming façade outside, I have not expected to come in a quaint space that exudes such a homey feel. Just the vibe alone already makes you comfortable, and ready for your meal. The Paella Style platter with 2 chicken wings, 4 BBQ sticks, Liempo and Porkchop atop Paella-flavored rice was such a no-frills, honest dish. The flavored rice was such a hit, and the meats were grilled to perfection. The special sauce that came with the meats was the definite match, and I just wanted to have more. Heaven’s Barbeque also serves Rice Bowl Toppings that was priced below Php100, and is definitely a steal. They also serve Pancit which had a distict character all its own, and can be paired with their barbeques as well. For more rice options, they also have bacon- and garlic-flavored rice, which are perfect with the barbeque just the same.

So, the next time you find yourself craving for barbeque, don’t settle for just ubiquitous ones you find everywhere, get yourself to the nearest Heaven’s Barbeque branch and enjoy a hearty meal with a bite of heaven in your stick of meat.












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