Banda Ni Kleggy

Posted: 07/15/2013 in LifeStyle, OPM


Banda Ni Kleggy shows the “Fun” side of OPM in ebut Album

The Band started more than two years ago when the BBS Project wanted to do another project, and they accidentally discovered Kleggy, best friend of Callalily frontman Kean Cirpiano.

“When I saw Kleggy, I was a bit skeptic of him because he seems to be naughty,” says Soupstar Entertainment’s Darwin Hernandez. “But after a while, he realized Kleggy was fun to be with. Moreover, they found out that Kleggy can actually sing. This started it all. He then evolved into a very able, entertaining frontman-perfect to be vocalist.”

After more than two years in a music industry, Banda Ni Kleggy is releasing their debut album Only in The Philippines, under Universal Records.

Banda Ni Kleggy boast of having bandmembers of Callalily and 6cylcemind in one band – Rye Sarmiento ( Guitars ), Bob Canamo ( Bass ), Lem Belaro ( Synth, Handsonic ), Berns Cuevas ( Bass ), and Otep Conception ( Drums ).

When asked about the music of the band, Kleggy quips, “it has serious music, but fun message and lyrics.”

This is evident in the Band’s debut single Discolamon, which tells the story of the “King” of the disco. The songs combine elements of rock, pop and synth music, making it a unique music experience.

The music video Discolamon is currently topping the MYX Chart as it fusesthe song’s catchy tune with the impressive visuals and star-power lent by kim Chiu, Jhong Hilario, and Ryan Bang.

Discolamon is also currently loading it over the Airwaves.

Banda Ni Kleggy’s Only in the Philippines will have their album launch this July 19 at SM Manila with guests Kean and Tatsi of Callalily, Tutti of 6Cyclemind, Eunice of Gracenote, Ney Dimaculangan, and Dello.


Together with Papa Dudut & Mama Cy of Love Radio LSFM… visit Papa Dudut FB; and Mama Cy Pasaway ;

I had a privileged to meet Papa Dudut and Mama Cy Pasaway of Love Radio LSFM at The Banda Ni Kleggy Debut Album Launch in Universal Records office.

Papa Dudut was assign outside the metro, but since it’s patok in our taste radio operator such Papa Dudut is here in the metro.



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