Runner’s Summit

Posted: 08/07/2013 in Advocacy, RUN, Sports


You have honed your body in running, now immerse your mind in it on August 17, 2013 saturday. Take your running to the next level and learn from the experts in a one day seminar on proper form, bio-mechanics, scientific training, injury prevention, nutrition and motivation. Brought to us by one of the most trusted Brands and biggest annual races Unilab Active Health and Enervon Activ.

Formerly we are running for Fun with Family and Friends. And now we are all running not just for fun, but with a cause. A cause to help one organization or sending kids to school, Unilab Aktiv Health come up with not just for a cause, but with purpose. Now it’s a win win situation, we run for a good cause, we run for good health and now Unilab Aktive Health conducting a seminar to all runner for a knowledge.

We are not just running, but we are running with Run 101 by Uniab Aktive Health.



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