Starbucks Card is HERE in Philippines…

Posted: 08/07/2013 in Coffee, Coffee Talks, Food & Beverage, LifeStyle

starbucks card

It’s here! Introducing the Starbucks Card.

Another good reason to come in.

To find out more about the Starbucks Card, please visit
Also, we hope to see you in our launch event today, 430PM, at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center with special performance by Rico Blanco and Zia Quizon! More surprises await!

A long waited Starbucks Card to all Starbucks Guest and Friends is now here in the Philippines for good reasons…

I remember using one of these in other countries, you can use these card to all other stores within the country, what’s more benefits is the you will earn points and lesser price for the coffee. GREAT diba… 🙂


Got my Starbucks Card Ph and it’s loaded with Php300.00.

The Starbucks Card Ph is actually FREE, but you need to pre load it of Php300.00 only or Php1,500.00 and you’ll get an extra Php300.00 FREE = a total of Php1,800.00 is loaded to your starbucks card ph. Then Register your card online at and get a free treat after you register your starbucks card. It’s so easy as 1 2 & 3, a lot more exciting benefits that will enjoy every time you use your starbcuks card. 



File:Starbucks Coffee Logo.svg




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  1. Vincentben says:

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