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White tigers aren’t a different breed, just a recessive gene, like blonde hair or blue eyes. All white tigers are Bengal tigers.

File:White lion cub.JPG


A recessive gene gives white lions their unusual colors. A similar gene also produces white tigers. White lions can therefore be selectively bred for zoos, animal shows and wildlife parks. Such breeding involves inbreeding and can result in inbreeding depression (genetic defects, reduced fertility, and physical defects), although this has not yet been found to cause hind-limb paralysis or serious heart defects, which would indicate a severe level of inbreeding. People are concerned about white lions mating with lions of other alleles, due to possible extinction of the white lion. However, this is not valid as the offspring will inherit the recessive white gene and therefore make it possible to produce white offspring in a later generation. Some critics maintain that white lions should not be introduced into the wild because of the inbreeding that has taken place in zoos and breeding camps. However, ethical reintroduction programs such as The Global White Lion Protection Trust have ensured through the use of scientific methodologies that the lions in their program are not inbred



Subic Freeport Zone, Philippines

Zoobic Safari welcomes one of the rarest animal species in the world, the first white lion cubs born in the Philippines. With an estimate total population of only 300 all over the world, two female born white lion cubs was added to this little number here in the country last May 18, 2013. The cubs were from the pair of white lions that were donated to Zoobic Safari by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai.

White lions are extremely rare and have not been seen in the wild in more than 15 years. They are not albino; their white coloration is the result of a recessive gene known as a color inhibitor specific to their native region.

In the with Zoobic Safari’s conservation and animal care program, the two white lions will be exhibited at the zoo to educate further its guests regarding the importance of the conversation as a key to survival of the many species.

Zoobic Safari is a 25 hectare land that showcases different kinds of animals such as reptiles, birds, and mammals. Located inside Subic Freeport Zone, Zoobic Safari is just one of the many exciting theme parks of Zoomanity Group which includes: Zoocobia Fun Zoo in Clark Pampanga, Residence Inn in Tagaytay, Paradizoo Thrills in Loboc Bohol.

Zoobic Safari day tour adventure is available daily from 8am to 4pm including holidays.

For more details please call 899-9824 / 28; txt +63.917.8351111 or visit Zoobic Safari website www.zoobic.com.ph; www.zoomanity.com.ph      


This is the main event; Presenting the two 3 months old white lion cubs, cute and playful cubs are here at Zoobic Safari. My son JC enjoyed playing with the the lion cubs.


DSC02870 DSC02871

These is the kind of Zoo Train we used to go around the Zoobic Safari. We went to the cage where the tigers are kept to see them closely.

SONY DSCAt Tiger Safari where the tigers playground’s are. This is a very restricted area no one is allowed to enter here without the safari jeep otherwise you will ripped by the lions or tigers, Riding on the safari jeep you will have a closed encounter with the male and female tigers. Only one pair of tigers at a time are being out from their cage.

Along with us is one of the care taker of the lions whom are the one feeding them from the jeep.


These are the cast / Organizer and Official MEDIA Partners of LABS PH.


Photo with 3 months old lion cub, together with my son JC, Grace Nicolas of LABS PH, Joel of Ronda Balita and Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas. 


After which we enjoyed playing with the two six months old lion cubs my son JC were interviewed by channel 5 about his experience playing with the lion cubs.



Zoomanity Group - Makati, Philippines Zoomanity Group








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