5th Team Accent Philippines FunRide


5th TEAM ACCENT PHILIPPINES FunRide… goes to south side of the Philippines Island. I believe that this kind of organization will last to it’s Mission Vision..


5th Team Accent Philippines FunRide goes to Laguna and Tagaytay…

Last 13th of October 2013 “TAP-Team Accent Philippines” with the leadership of Doc. Adam Mercado-TAP President, TAP Officers and Members gathered and drive all together to south side of the Philippines for a FunRide, a total of 48 hyundai accent cars in 3 variant namely 2009 Hyundai Accent, 2013 Hyundai Accent Sedan-Gas and 2013 Hyundai Accent Hatchback-Diesel.

TAP Girl Power at Gerrys Grill Tagaytay…


Meeting place is at KFC Shell South Super Highway, South Bound. We are gathered all here at 7:00 in the morning and start our engine around 9:00 am.  



First stop, Gardenia Plant at LIIP. Gardenia Bread is one of the leading bread brand in the Philippines and now they are open to the public for a plant tour, TAP Officers and Members got the chance to have a gardenia plant tour.


TAP members had fun during the orientation and i can say that there is no boring time with any other tap members, of course with help of other officers and members to bring life to all newbie and to their family.

Let me first introduce to you the people who make sure that every tap event is possible, they and work hard and give extra effort in spite to very busy schedule just to entertain all the members without a doubt.

DSC03666 TAP President – Doc. Adam Mercado who have a black Sedan Hyundai Accent 2013, he is very passionate of upgrading his black accent. An Optometrist who happens to be the most active officers of TAP, kaya naman he makes sure that his headlights is brighter just like his blue angel eyes.

SONY DSCLuvic Bahinting – our host and navigator, who makes an schedule possible for the Gardenia plant Tour in Laguna. Though rain storm in metro are just around the corner of each city and still adam and luvic pushes through to our funride.



Our last stop is at Tagaytay SkyRanch, the most awaited theme park to be with as part of funride scheduled event. Most of us are very excited including the family of all the tap member.       


Me and my son JC enjoyed a lot of this FunRide with Team Accent Philippines. A fun bonding with my jc is as simple as that yet very meaningful to me. A lifestyle that it can never be replace by anything.


As we reach the last point of our funride, Tagaytay SkyRanch… my son enjoyed a lot to the funride together with my co-pilot MacsITtrends-blogger and his nephew Andrea.

Upon reaching the skyranch during the parking we are all on our way to different parking slot coz there’s a lot of people inside and only few parking slot left free in random places.

What excites me to this team is the camaraderie within and relationship between officers and members, doc adam goal is to have an EB or Eye Ball every week and FunRide every two months. Then a car shop accreditation for every TAP members.   





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  1. adam says:

    thanks john cueto.

    1. Larawan@Kape says:

      Thanks doc for dropping by my url, your request is already done..

  2. Raymond Quan says:

    Nice, more power to TAP!!!

    1. Larawan@Kape says:

      thanks bro for dropping by… MORE POWER TAP..

  3. noah says:

    nice blog! Cheers. 🙂

    1. Larawan@Kape says:

      Thanks bro and looking forward for more TAP activity..

  4. elvin uy freezone2010 says:

    go go tap!

    1. Larawan@Kape says:

      Hi Elvin, Thank you for visiting my blogsite..

  5. Iam Pau says:

    nice blogs. more power to TAP and to you sir 🙂

    1. Larawan@Kape says:

      thank you for the comment.

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