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Posted: 11/11/2013 in Advocacy, World Vision


Derek Ramsay teaches Frisbee to World Vision sponsored children

World Vision ambassador Derek Ramsay held a Frisbee clinic for 20 underprivileged children from World Vision assisted areas in Malabon, on November 6, 2013 at the Folk Arts Theater; together with three of his Frisbee acquaintances, he taught the kids the fundamentals of Frisbee and engaged them into a match up game.

Coming from a privileged family, Derek, an actor, and a sports veteran, wants to give back by sharing his time, expertise and passion in sports to the underprivileged kids, who themselves are sports enthusiasts. “I and many others have had it easy having a comfortable life, being able to afford an education. So to be able to give an hour of my time and teach underprivileged kids a sport that I truly love and lifting up their spirits even just for a day or an hour is very fulfilling.”, he said.

As a man of virtue, he believes that this kind of activity teaches children the values of perseverance and optimism. As he said, “The value there is you never lose hope, you never give up on life no matter how hard it can be. There’s so much in life to look forward to.”

Claiming that it took months for him to learn how to throw a forehand in Frisbee, he was surprised and impressed on how the World Vision kids learned the game so fast. He shared that when they teach children, “We just usually teach how to throw, we don’t go into a game right away. But here we have kids who can play the game after 30 minutes of basic drills. Pinakita mo lang kung paano gawin, nagagawa na agad nila. Ang kailangan nalang ituro dyan the science of the sport, the discipline.”

Derek conducted the Frisbee clinic, in the hope that this endeavor will impact the children’s lives back home and in the future. “We’ve lifted their spirits today. They’ve found something new and have never tried. Now when they go back home, there’s something they can do, they can go play with each other.”, he said.

“I hope these kids will one day get to the level that I’ve reached in this sport or maybe in another sport”. If it is something they want to pursue later on, I’ll be there to help them., he promised.

He then encourages children and youth to go after their dreams, specifically in Frisbee. “Filipinos in general seem to excel in any type of sport, even though we aren’t so gifted when it comes to height. With Frisbee you don’t really need height. You need to be athletic, you need to be fast, you need to have good hand and eye coordination, and these kids have it.”

He stressed that nothing is impossible, not even in poverty. “For kids who want to pursue a sport like Frisbee, go grab it. Don’t just sit there and dream about it, make it happen. It’s harder when you’re underprivileged but it’s not impossible.”, he encouraged.

Lastly, he promoted sports as an activity for children to focus their time and efforts on, but reminded that education must be the top priority. “Sports is a good way to get kids away from all the negativity in this world today: the drugs, the alcohol, the crimes. But I‘m not saying that they should just all focus on sports. Education is key. That’s why I am an ambassador for World Vision because in our world today, competition is too high for you to survive out there without education. World Vision is giving these kids a chance to learn.”


About World Vision

World Vision is an international Christian, humanitarian, development advocacy and relief organization that is child-focused and community-based. It is currently working in over 100 countries globally and in 44 communities all over the Philippines, helping over 105,000 poor children have access to education, good health and provide livelihood opportunities for families and their communities.




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