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HARINA ARTISAN BAKERY CAFÉ: Making beautiful things happen everyday!

Harina Artisan Bakery Café is formerly Monsees Café, owned and established by Baker-Pastry-Chef-Lawyer Marina Demeterio.

Atty. Marina started as a homebaker, doing and selling leche flan, fruit cake and pastries to her colleagues since 1994, with influences coming mostly from her grandmother and by watching cooking TV shows. After graduation from law school, Atty. Marina enrolled in the culinary schools of Sylvia Cancio, Sylvia Reynoso, Heny Sison & Jill Sandique, and eventually took a leave of absence from her profession in 2007 to take a diploma course at International School for Culinary Arts & Hotel Management (ISCAHM) under internationally renowned pastry chefs Ernie Babaran & Bubbles Cruz Lerias.

In 2008, Atty. Marina established the company Monsees Chefs & Bakers, Inc. which started as a commissary at her house, delivering cakes and breads to food service institutions, catering to well-known restaurants and cafes, and supplying frozen laminated dough to Marriott Hotels, coffee shops and homebakers alike. In 2009, Monsees began to join bazaars and started to carry homey-comfort breads such as the Spanish Bread and Breadsticks/Grissini.

Driven by the success of this endeavor, Monsees Café was set up and opened its red doors in the White Plains commercial strip along Katipunan Avenue in November 2010. After only a few months of launch, Monsees Café attracted repeat customers and was raking in-store sales. Monsees was recognized and patronized. Through the years, Monsees also expanded by serving other culinary delights to its customers. So what began with a love affair with leche flan and fruit cake has turned into an artisan gourmet bakery.

In celebration of its anniversary this November 2013, Monsees Café will be re-launched, with a refurbished ambiance, a perked-up menu and rebranded as Harina Artisan Bakery Café.

Still under the helm of The Lawyer-Baker-Chef, assisted by and with the technical expertise of her baking and cooking crew, Harina Café will still offer several varieties of artisan breads and pastries baked to perfect crustiness and lightness and prepared with delicate care and preciseness. The best-selling breadsticks will be there, individually hand-rolled and crafted to absolute crunchy and tasty flawlessness. All-time breakfast favourites and creative sandwiches will be served too. But more tasty new menus will be rolled out, and customers can look forward to exciting promos and rewards.

Albeit the transformation, Harina Café still carries Atty. Marina’s personal mantra that- “…in my kitchen, only happy people are allowed because happy thoughts and smiles are felt in everything made and baked. I also believe that there are no shortcuts to baking, that only premium ingredients must be used, and that new items must be prepared the old-fashioned way.”

Harina Café officially opens on November 20, 2013, located at 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City, with business hours everyday from 6am to 9pm. For inquiries, call +632-3526721. Be in the loop with Harina Café through its website: http://harina.ph, Facebook: http://facebook.com/harinacafe and Twitter/Instagram accounts: @harinacafe





These all five different breakfast dish will satisfy your hunger. It’s really looks yummy and tasty. All of these five breakfast meal was served and had a chance to taste, the chef prepared these meals just like preparing it in hotel way of serving.



The shelves are filled with lots and variety of bread that everyone will love it. The breads are not made only by the oven, but it is also made with passion and love. 


HARINA Cafe is located at White Plains Strip, White Plains in Quezon City. It’s so easy to locate just along the strip or street of white plains. To locate pls do refer to the map link provided below;


HARINA Cafe was formerly called Monsee’s Bakery, and now it was evolve into harina cafe.

These are the best seller breads at Harina Cafe. Harina Cafe was known as Monsees and change to Harina Artisan Bake Cafe.


While having lunch we are serenaded by this lovely lady with her lovely songs, “I may say”. I like those songs that she sang during lunch i feel like i am having lunch in the hotel at the vip lounge. Great selection of songs.


HARINA Cafe Family with Pastry-Chef-Lawyer Marina Demeterio.


Pastry-Chef-Lawyer Marina Demeterio decided to put up a bakery business, along white plains strip. In except of being a lawyer she enjoys baking with passion and love, this the main ingredients of what she does. 


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Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe




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