Teen Fun with Sugarhigh

Posted: 01/28/2014 in Entertainment, Family Entertaiment

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Good, Clean Teen Fun with Sugarhigh

These are exciting times for teen pop. Young pop idol groups are sprouting left and right and fans couldn’t be happier. But some groups just stand out—and one of the few is the new boy teen pop group Sugarhigh! Armed with disarming cuteness and the catchiest of songs, Sugarhigh is making a splash with their debut single entitled “Sugar Sugar.”

This isn’t your standard OPM pop track. “Sugar Sugar” is the sound of teen pop today. Equal parts dance, R&B and melodic pop delivered with likeable sweetness by Sugarhigh members Luis, Daniel, Carlos, Julius and Carl.


Now Sugarhigh is a quintet of charming personalities. We start with Luis, the assured voice of the group, steady, talented and reliable at a young age. Daniel, who sings the hook, is all curly cuteness and is the R&B and soccer guy of the group. Meanwhile, Carlos is the low booming voice–tall, brooding, mysterious and is into drums and beat-boxing. Julius is the adorable chinito with a ready smile ready to greet everybody and an experienced model having worked at Hotdog commercials at a young age . Last but not the least is Carl who balances the group with his everyguy attitude, is sporty and good looking of course.

MUSIC plays a big part in these boys’ lives. Heck, it’s EVERYTHING in their lives right now.



Sugarhigh’s debut album is forthcoming but the music video for “Sugar Sugar,” featuring YouTube celebrity Donnalyn Bartolome, is already out on music channels, and racking up YouTube views and “likes” on social media. Fans of teen pop have felt the rush and very soon everybody else will have a taste of them too!

A big plus is that the music of Sugarhigh is a grooving and positive experience. Like what they did with “Sugar Sugar,” the boys will serve another catchy pop track with “Weekend.” The song’s premise is simple, youngsters enjoy the weekend, and the boys is simply singing the joys of weekend.

Then there’s more of the boys channelling that optimistic vibe in the electro-pop sounding “Best Days Of Lives.” Completing the album are the songs “Sino Sino” featuring Fliptop rap battle champ Shehyee, the mid-tempo ballad “Dinggin Ang Awit Ko,” and “High School Crush.”

“Sugarhigh,” the album, is produced by hot-streaking rap-Hiphop and R&B label Flipmusic Records. Awit-award winning producer Bojam De Belen helmed the album, with songwriting credits from prize-winning songwriter Thyro Alfaro, and Director Nolan Bernardino.




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  1. the’re super cute and super talented

  2. jc says:

    Their better than chiksers

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