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Posted: 02/27/2014 in Management



The mandate that falls upon our shoulders as PMAP’s Servant Leaders this year is to examine where we are vis-a-vis the inevitable eventuality of ASEAN’s integration into one economic community.  And having determined where we are, PMAP, under our collective stewardship, should be able to create a roadmap that Filipino People Managers and even expats, who are managing Filipino human capital, should follow in the next twelve months or so. It may be observed that, at this point in time, PMAP may be already too late. But regret is not an option much less to finger-point, which cannot help. We just have to face the immediate challenge no matter how seemingly insurmountable, and do what is necessary and what is within our means.

The late Nelson Mandela used to tell his people that given the tremendous pressures and difficulties before them, everything seemed impossible until a determined and united people made them happen. PMAP’s Servant Leaders this year are not wanting of determination; but sheer determination is not enough. We need an inspired, inspiring, and inspirational leader; a group of passionate action men and women; and a clear plan with a defined timetable coupled with the abiding support of all PMAP constituencies.

For these reasons, your Servant Leaders have taken the initiative, even before they were formally inducted into office, to conduct a series of consultative meetings and workshops among some Past Presidents together with a number of highly committed pillars of our organization to objectively assess the Philippine HR professionals’ state of readiness in relation to ASEAN Integration. The common verdict was not inspiring. There is an endemic apprehension that our country is really not ready to face the reality of integration, with all its facets, dimensions, and far-reaching implications. The government has not sounded a call, much less an urgent call to put all our acts together. There are pockets of initiatives emanating from some forward-looking agencies, like the PRC and DOLE, but these are being done in isolation from all other initiatives. Unlike Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, the Philippines seems not to put much emphasis on preparing for the integration. And who are we, in PMAP, to be too anxious and too impatient about the apparent lack of a sense of urgency?

To our mind, instead of asking why and questioning this much ado, to quote President JFK, we should be asking ourselves, why not? If others could only see the emptiness and ask why then why can we not make things happen and ask why not?  If nobody else seems to be concerned that a virtual storm surge is about to hit us, why should we not sound the trumpet and summon all men and women of like intentions, and start moving forward?

Truly, to paraphrase the great Nelson Mandela, as of today, everything seems impossible. But with a determined and hard-working team of Servant Leaders, and a very supportive PMAP membership, we can ask, as President John F. Kennedy did, “Why not?”

We, therefore, appeal to all PMAP leaders and members to come together, set aside all other interests and claim our rightful place in the ASEAN scheme of things. The ASEAN arena presents both tremendous opportunities and seemingly insurmountable odds. But if we refuse to face the challenge, others will. The choice is on us: to be an active part of the ASEAN Integration right there in the arena or to wallow in regrets in the peripheries?

We have made our choice, and we shall do our very best to “bring home the bacon.” The year 2014 is a year of hard work and integration, of convergence rather than divergence, of unification rather than fragmentation.

Let us just do it and do it with passion and excellence!






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