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Posted: 03/22/2014 in Entertainment, Music Update, OPM


The best-selling solo acoustic-pop artist is back with a new album! Princess Velasco, of “Addicted To Acoustic” and “ASAP Sessionista” fame is back as she goes all-OPM for her sixth and latest album under Vicor Music. Princess, who is famous for her knack in turning Top 40 pop hits easy-listening acoustic pieces is at it again and she now turns her attention closer to home with a fresh batch of acousticized Original Pilipino Music.

Going Pinoy pop has been on Princess’ to-do list for a long time now and “Acoustic Princess OPM” is a realization of that dream. “This album is me going back to my roots,” said the sweet-voiced singer during the recording of her sixth album. “This is my way of giving back to the music that I really love. Because I have so much respect for OPM.”

And that healthy respect for Pinoy pop can be heard all throughout her new set. The music is a light as it can be as the “Single Ladies” singer turns some of the most memorable OPM tunes into light, easy-listening pop fare.

“Acoustic Princess OPM” opens with a pair of contemporary pop pieces in Ronnie Liang’s “Ngiti,” and Soapdish tune “Puede Ba.” This is followed by “Minsan Ka Lang,” and the Nonoy Zuniga gem “Doon Lang.”

There’s more than a couple of re-fashioned gems here. Princess revitalizes Wency Cornejo’s youthful anthem “Next In Line,” injects new energy into an overlooked Rivermaya hit in “A Love To Share,” as well as putting in her share of original song in the infectious ditty “Tampo,” which she wrote and collaborated musically with producer Sunny Ilacad.

Princess readily admits that she can never surpass the originals. But her own style has been about approaching songs in a new way anyway, and therein lies her magic. You’d never think it unless you heard, but who knew Freestyle’s “Before I Let You Go” made for a great upbeat pop song? Or that Side A’s classic love song “So Many Questions” could be a great dance tune? Well Princess did! And that’s the whole concept behind “Acoustic Princess OPM”


  1. Ngiti
  2. Puede Ba
  3. Minsan Ka Lang
  4. A Love To Share
  5. I Can
  6. Doon Lang
  7. So Many Questions
  8. Next In Line
  9. Tampo
  10. Before I Let You Go 


I got a chance to interview a pretty and talented Princess one on one, Princess just got Married last quarter of 2013 with her long time boyfriend non showbiz but a Professional in Medical Field, who believes that understand princess career. And during Princess Album launch at market market i met her father father and father in-law who supports all the time for her album launch.

Sheryl even told me that “Mautak yan si Princess Business minded talaga, she even brought her album during her gig or wherever she got invited to place that she will revealed her songs”. Then i ask Princess if they have plans of having a baby soon and she replied back “not of the moment-since they just got married they wanted to enjoy themselves travelling, having dinner on their own muna”.  

In my car i have princess latest album and compiled it to my storage, and whenever i drive alone i used to play her cd. This is where i relaxed because of her songs, that i don’t need to drive fast rather moderate and cool. All the songs delivered mesmerizingly though it’s revival it delivered like an original songs, i am choosey when it comes to an opm songs now a days coz i feel that some of the opm songs have no value at all.

Thanks to sheryl of viva records for inviting me and a chance to interview Princess.


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