Yamaha Unveils NEW Bikes for your Collections…

Posted: 06/07/2014 in LifeStyle, Moto Bike


“Revs your Heart” with Yamaha International Motorshow

Last June 4-8, 2014, Yamaha held their Yamaha International Motorshow at SM MOA, Atrium Hall. This event shows off the innovative and unique features of its local and global models, as well as its various new products for 2014. Yamaha aims to bring in to every customer the new Yamaha exciting world, which will be showcased in this 5-day event.


(From left) Mr. Ryan Jude Camus,  YMPH Marketing Section Manager; Mr. Romy Tan, YMPH Sales General Manager; Mr. Toru Osugi, YMPH President; Mr. Kaoru Ogura, YMPH Sales & Marketing Director and Mr. Yukio Fukada, YMPH Logistics, After Sales and Corporate Support Director

Also, Yamaha launched to the public its new brand slogan, “Revs your Heart”, to highlight the ‘company’s passion for innovation by creating an exceptional value and experiences that enrich the lives of the customers.’ With Yamaha’s “Refined Dynamism”, the company aims to captivate and help create vibrant lifestyles through the new product line up and technology of Yamaha.

The new brand slogan came from the word “rev”, which simply means revving an engine, being associated to the human heart that pumps the blood through the body’s veins to make all the systems work properly. Revs Your Heart is a strong statement that is able to move people to greater heights and raise the quality of life. This is a statement that represents a deep sensation that lasts, a passion that endures.


Because of the company’s philosophy of providing its clients their satisfaction, Yamaha aspires to ignite a high-quality feel that projects the HEART of Yamaha through delivering an excitement ground that continuous to REV their exhilarating sense.

Together, let us all experience a colorful, vibrant motorcycle lifestyle with Yamaha!

“Experience a New World of Dynamism”



image SONY DSC





At first glance it looks like a big bike, but then again with the speed of 150cc this bike will satisfied your ego and pogi points. Yahama Revs Your Heart will give you more options according to your lifestyle.

Me i preferred the Yamaha R25 the all new innovation of Yamaha Big Bikes, but the Yamaha R15 is not bad at all coz it will still you a pogi points and swak to your simple lifestyle. I get to in love with the FZ16, but revealing the Yamaha R15 is now my stalker.

With the sleek and simple design of R15 definitely your pogi points will shoot up unlimited as long as you can handle it. I am looking forward to have one of this R15 bike on my own and maybe Yamaha will give me discount to this…

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Visit my Facebook Fanpage;

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