A Class All Her Own, Donnalyn Bartolome…

Posted: 06/08/2014 in Celebrity talks, Entertainment

A Class All Her Own, Donnalyn Bartolome is one hot Kakaibabe


Donnalyn Bartolome is one of a kind.

Sure she got her beginnings at show business by posting videos of herself DJ’ing, acting, singing, rapping, doing a monologue or just plain spilling her heart out in front of a web camera—what a lot of fame seeking individuals are doing these days actually—but she’s one of the rare few who can actually do it with panache.  

There are a couple of reasons why a Donnalyn Bartolome works. For one, she’s actually good at what she does. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing her version of the latest dance craze, or doing an adorable impersonation.  Once the webcam light is on, she’s all business. She’s got a ton of character and comes across as candid and is totally into what she’s doing. 

All these and the fact the she just registers cute in front of the camera.

You could say that she was born to do this. And the millions of viewers and the hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers and Facebook likers all agree that Donnalyn stands out among the rest.

Donnalyn Bartolome is truly “Kakaibabe.”


Check out Donnalyn Bartolome’s Official Music Video of “Kakaibabe” on http://youtu.be/Ascys0eBlqw

Viva Records and Flipmusic finally did what all her fans have been clamoring for ever since. They gave @DJBDonna the perfect vehicle to acknowledge her uniqueness. A tuneful, R&B tinged, pop rap song that celebrates the perfect girl, “Kakaibabe” is the uber-Pinay babe that every guy is looking for.

Simple, no fuss and cool: The kind that radiates positive vibes, is the ideal that Donnalyn is singing about in “Kakaibabe.” Delivered in a convincing rap, coupled with an infectious chorus, the song is Donnalyn personified and what a lot of ladies are like out there actually. The type a guy would want to keep. The girl you’d want to bring home to meet dear old mum.

The song is Donnalyn’s debut single that also happens to be one of the big songs included in the hit summer teen movie “Diary Ng Panget.” It’s also a precursor into what eventually will be a full length album for Donnalyn that is bound to come out later this year.

To inspire and not just be famous.

clip_image006Another reason why Donnalyn Bartolome is such a hit at social media is that her intention is really not just about being another famous personality. “I want to inspire and not just be famous,” said the singer in one of her video blogs, a statement that would have sound contrived if it weren’t for the fact that a lot of her fans follow her because of her positivity. If you ever get to talk to her personally, she would instantly come across as this sweet girl who just happens to have a knack and handle on all today’s new media. 

One marketing executive from the Records group  coined an appropriate moniker for Donnalyn’s ever growing name: “the ‘Kakaibabe’ singer is Pinoy pop music’s S.M.S., short for Social Media Sweetheart!”

All of this is about connectivity in the wide world of social media anyway. And we’re glad that there is someone like Donnalyn whom a lot of people can connect to because of the genuine likability and of course positivity. Pinoy new media has a new face and it’s the face of Donnalyn Bartolome. So expect to see and hear a lot from this girl.

Until then, Donnalyn would like to say : “Peace around the world and on its axis.”



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when i met Donnalyn i said to myself that she looks like Nina Sanches The Song Princess… A 19 years old kwela girls with a little ambition to be a singer, and not just a singer also a rapper.

At first glance she just look like a kid na pinabili ng kape sa tindahan ng LarawanAtKape ni mang john. She doesn’t look like a teenager who is in her way to the twenties, Raised in Japan and in USA.

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  1. Mark says:

    I hope Donna signs up a contract with either GMA or ABS-CBN. I am a big fan.

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