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Kito Romualdez”

Viva Records

Acoustic guitar-flavored pop music acts are a dime-a-dozen. But every now and then, somebody new comes along who just coaxes you with the easiest melodies and the catchiest of original songs.

Say hello then to Kito Romualdez.

This singer-songwriter is originally a native of San Juan, Manila. But he’s lived most of his young life in Canada. Now that he’s back in the land of his birth, all he wants to do is sing you his songs. His musical influences are John Mayer, Jason Mraz, John Legend, Alicia Keys and a few more choice singers. The common denominator here is that he’s into artists who write their own songs.

Maybe that’s why Kito is into creating his own material. In fact, the first track off his self-titled debut is a self-penned tune. And incidentally, it’s also one of the best tracks in his album.

An imaginitive piece of pop writing, “Ready Ka Na Ba?” is a call to action as Kito asks, are you ready to be in a relationship? It’s plain as day as Kito sings “ready ka na ba lumipad, sumayaw at umikot-ikot sa mundong kong ito? ready ka na ba magsaya, kumanta sa mundong nakakahilo?” It’s obvious what Kito’s asking—are you ready for the rollercoaster ride of love?—It’s exciting and nerve-wracking for sure. But you’re assured here as Kito ends that little verse with “kapit lang, andito ako.” Coupled with a head-bobbing melody that you can’t escape, “Ready Ka Na Ba?” is an excellent way to start an album.

Kito has a knack for storytelling too. In his 5-track CD, there’s an interesting song called “Jack & Jill.”

In this little ditty, the singer reimagines the famous nursery rhyme, and turns it into a little love story. It’s not the nicest of tales though as Kito croons “Jack and Jill didn’t fall down a hill, Jack and Jill fell in love. Jack didn’t break his crown, he broke his beating heart from Jill not being around.” That’s straightforward heartbreak there, but somehow Kito softens the blow with those ringing, upbeat guitar chords and those light melodies.

Kito’s self-titled set also includes a pair of covers in “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” and “Suntok Sa Buwan.”

The latter is an original by Grammy-awarded blues and country artist Bonnie Raitt, who Kito claims is a musical influence. Kito says that “country music is big from where I come from in Canada, and this cover is my nod to the folks back there.” The slow tempo, the shimmering guitar arpeggios and the rising string section certainly has “ballad” written all over it. But more than that, this setting shows that Kito can sing a certain way. The boy has got a lot of soul in him as well.

Meanwhile, the OPM alt-pop hit “Suntok Sa Buwan” gets reworked into a love song filled with warm sounding acoustic instruments. If there’s ever a need for an unplugged OPM cover to represent Kito, then you don’t have to look further than this number.

Kito would like to close his set with an original of course, and the upbeat “She Could Be The One” is just the tune to do it. It’s positive, melodic and and you could say hopelessly romantic of Kito, if we’re basing from his lyrics. Some might say Kito’s cheesy (and he admits to this). But given the circumstance, if you and your songs sound this good, then by all means, bring on the cheese, and bring Kito Romualdez along with it.


  1. Ready Ka Na Ba?
  2. Jack & Jill
  3. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  4. Suntok Sa Buwan
  5. She Could Be The One


Check out Kito Romualdez’s Official Music Video “Ready ka na ba” on


Viva’s new artist Kito Romualdez affirms his affiliation with the famed political clan, but music, and not politics, is what’s in his heart and mind. It is for this passion that he left his life in Canada, where he and his family lived for 12 years. And now, back in the land of his birth, this 20-year old native of San Juan is excited to show the Philippines what he’s got.

From Basketball To Musical

Kito was a basketball player since freshman year in Bowmanville High School in Canada. But during break time, this John Mayer fan would sit in the corner and sing RNB songs while playing his guitar. He’d also get song requests from friends which he’d gamely practice at home to perform the following day.

“It started to get serious when I was in Senior year,” he reveals. Their school, which was known for the arts, was staging West Side Story, and he was encouraged to take on the role of Tony. “I don’t know, they thought I was ideal for the role,“ he chuckles. When it came to the point where he had to choose between the musical or basketball, Kito chose the former since he was always interested in acting. It was a big plus that he also got to sing. “It was a totally different style of singing and it was a lot of fun being on stage,” he says. For four nights, he performed in front of over 500 people. Thanks to that experience, Kito has learned to get rid of his nerves.

From Bowmanville To Manila

“Everything was great. I was working in a bank. I had the next 10 years planned out”, Kito shares about his life in Canada. But an equally great opportunity came up. His mom is friends with Gabby Conception’s sister Rina, who gave them the idea to give music and acting a shot in the Philippines. It eventually led to an audition with Boss Vic in June 2013 where Kito sang one of his compositions entitled Jack & Jill. After being offered a contract, Kito and his family decided to move here for good.


Music From Kito’s Cheesy Heart

An avowed “cheesy” guy, Kito pours out his heart in his self-titled acoustic-pop album. It has five tracks, three of which are his own compositions.

Jack & Jill, his audition piece, naturally made it to the album. “I wrote that song 3 years ago, it was actually about my ex. We used to be called Jack and Jill,” Kito says. It was the first song he had ever written. He even uploaded it on YouTube, and his ex found out about it, he laughingly shares. Though a product of a broken heart, Jack & Jill‘s melody is light and upbeat, perfect for easy listening.

Another composition is Ready Ka Na Ba, which is essentially about someone asking a beloved if they’re ready to get into a relationship. He came up with the concept and the melody, but got some help from his mom with the lyrics since he was not yet fluent with Tagalog. Part of song goes: “Ready ka na bang lumipad, sumayaw at umikot-ikot sa mundo kong ito? Ready ka na bang magsaya, kumanta sa mundong nakakahilo? Kapit lang nandito ako.”

She Could Be The One completes his three compositions. As the title suggests, it’s a song where the guy gets his imagination working about the possibilities that the girl is his destiny.

Kito does a cover version of Session Road’s Suntok Sa Buwan, and I Can’t Make You Love, which was originally sung by Bonnie Raitt and popularized by Adele. “I was really excited about this song because it was a big hit in Canada,” says Kito about the last song. He also names it as his favorite. “Cheesy ako eh!” he blurts out, with a laugh. “I’m a cheese factory. Or milk…I’m not even processed yet. That cheesy!”

As there are varied tastes of cheese, savor the different feelings of love with the music of Kito Romualdez.

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Kulit lang, we were posed as wacky and the only wacky face was Kito and Donnalyn then the rest of the blogger were still the same. Wacky na po yan…

Thank you to Viva Records for inviting me to get to know Kito and Donnalyn.

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