NUVALI, The Country’s Largest Eco-Community

Posted: 07/09/2014 in Family Entertaiment, Hotel, Investment, Travel

“Initiating a future-oriented, mixed-use metropolis, NUVALI nurtures the promise of a distinguished legacy”

Steeped in rich history, NUVALI was once part of the Friar Lands in the 1800s, subsequently acquired by an enterprising group of Americans who developed the property as a sugar plantation at the turn of the century. Lawyer and statesman Jose Yulo acquired the property in 1948, ushering the sugar estate into agro-industrial peace and prosperity. In the mid-70s, the Yulo’s introduced a major planning initiative re-allocating the uses of the land. Industrial, residential and recreational developments were established, beginning a new chapter in responsible stewardship of the property.

Today, guided by a new vision, NUVALI unlocks the potential for both future and existing communities. Situated in the burgeoning Southern Luzon corridor, NUVALI’s vast topography is surrounded by local flourishing communities, shops, schools, sports, centers, parks and hospitals. These and the rich cultural heritage of the region makes NUVALI a part of an exciting thriving district. Initiating a future-oriented, mixed-use metropolis, NUVALI nurtures the promise of a distinguishing legacy, assuring that the land’s history of productivity and success continues for generations to come.

With over 50 years of experience in real estate, Ayala Land, Inc. Has earned a reputation as the country’s leading real estate developer. The company aspires to build top-class products and services, move with scale, and maintain strict financial discipline throughout the company, recognizing that the satisfaction of its customers, patrons, shareholders, and other stakeholders remains the ultimate measure of its success.

NUVALI is a collaboration between Ayala Land, Inc. And the Yulo Family , a merging of efforts to transform the Yulo’s 1,860 hectare property in Canlubang, Laguna into a wholly sustainable community development. The land is divided into three parcels – Ceci, Aurora, and Vesta – and is within one of the most rapidly urbanizing regions in the country. Ayala Land and the Yulo’s recognize the rich potential of this land and advocated its use of establishing a strong future.

Location and Transportation

Existing Commercial, Recreational, Educational and Residential establishments in NUVALI



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