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Posted: 08/29/2014 in Entertainment, Family Entertaiment, LifeStyle


My Son JC enjoy a lot in visiting the kiddie zoo at manila zoo, malate manila. Other interesting are you got the chance to be with the wild birds and the like, just like the photo above.

On August 23, 2014, Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, a Private Zoological & Theme Park inside the facility of Manila zoo along Adriatico Street corner Quirino Avenue in the City of Manila will open its doors again to the media.

KZAJ Is highlighting two of its famous residents… The tortoise and the Hyacinth macaw.

At Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, the 50 year old “Mr. T” (Sulcata tortoise) is a land dwelling turtle.

The sulcata will live over 100 years old and its shell will grow to over 1 meter in length and weigh over 40 kilos. These tortoises eat grass, plants and cactus.

Unlike turtles, these tortoises are not shy and actually look forward to being with humans.

You can feed a sulcata in kinderzoo. Watch how he easily breaks a carrot in two. Just be careful of his sharp beak. But he will not bite on purpose.

Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is successful in breeding these tortoises. Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is proud to conserve 7 Hyacinth Macaw or Hyacinthine Macaw.

These macaws are the largest Macaw or largest flying parrot in the world. It is a parrot native to Brazil.

These parrots are considered endangered numbering approximately 4000 in the wild. Hyacinth macaws are known as the clowns of the parrot family due to its yellow skin that looks like they are constantly smiling and their natural disposition of being inquisitive and playful.

Visit these gigantic creatures in their aviary and watch how they will fly to you as you stand by their cage.

You can experience feeding these wonderful creatures. Just be careful of their beak.

They are so powerful with a crushing strength of 3000 lbs. per inch. Your finger will be like a matchstick to them. These 7 macaws have been in a big aviary for the past 5 years to make them grow and mature.

Sometime this year, Kinder Zoo will no longer display the macaws who have paired up and will set them up for breeding it its new breeding facility.

Kinder zoo and Adventure Jungle’s advocacy is to breed these endangered animals. About Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle is an interactive zoological facility.

Most of the exotic animals on site can be fed or held. It is a rewarding experience where visitors go home with a greater appreciation for endangered animals.

Group and educational tours may be accommodated. There is also a facility for birthday parties and special events.

Kinderzoo Adventure Jungle is located inside the compound of the Manila Zoo, M. Adriatico St. cor. Pres. Quirino Ave. City of Manila.

Visitors will have to enter Manila Zoo to be able to purchase an entrance ticket to Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle (Php 100.00).


Mr. T live (Sulcata tortoise) on the ground running around to get away from paparazzi – Media and Bloggers –. I was told that Mr. can mate up to seven times a day for about 30 to 40mins, if you see Mr. T live there is no way for you to think on how he can have sex to the female turtle of his kind.


Of course this event wouldn’t be possible with the big help of Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas – Blogger and Founder of Laguna Blogging Summit. Together with Pocholo our Master Voice.




One of kind experience, near with these kinds of birds are wonderful experience..


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