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The Beetle: an automotive icon

Manila. April 2, 2014 – Today, the third generation of the Volkswagen icon is officially back: The one and only Beetle. In a symbolic ceremony, Ayala Auto Holdings Corporation (AAHC) and Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI), led by its Chairman, Fernando Zobel de Ayala his brother, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, and CEO JP Orbeta officially released the Volkswagen Beetle to the Philippine market at The Mind Museum itself an icon.

A look back to the start: at the beginning, Volkswagen built one of the most successful cars of all time and did not even give it a name. Why should it? After all, it was the Volkswagen! The People’s Car! People from all generations and cultures loved it, and on all of the world’s continents the small car was nicknamed according to precisely what it looked like: Beetle. It embodied the automotive concept itself and symbolized the democratization of mobility, with 21.5 million cars sold since its first production in 1939 to 1997.

Then the New Beetle arrived in 1998. It introduced a new automotive feeling to the world and brought with it Beetle Mania. In 2010, the Final Edition completed the New Beetle series that had sold more than one million cars. And now, looking forward, the future of the most famous car in the world begins now, in a completely new generation.

The Beetle is an icon. It has inspired countless stories all over the world, Hollywood included. It is a story by itself. The success story of the Volkswagen Beetle has played no small role in making it an icon of automotive history. The new generation now bridges the gap from old and familiar to new lifestyles. With a new design and the latest technologies, the Beetle reveals itself as a car of the 21st century – bolder, more dynamic and truly engineered to play.

“No other car evokes as much nostalgia, tradition, and heritage as the Beetle. As such, I am especially pleased and excited to launch a car as iconic and celebrated as the one we have launched tonight”, said Fernando Zobel de Ayala.

The new Beetle breaks free of the geometry of the previous model and displays impressive sports appeal – primarily in its extended bonnet, sharply swept-back windscreen and a longer wheelbase. Modified interior ergonomics have produced an agile, driver-oriented coupé experience in the new Beetle. In addition, it offers a distinctly improved feeling of space with its longer roof section.

“The Beetle has always been special to me. I first learned how to drive with a Beetle and will always have fond memories, as I’m sure many Filipinos do. And now, I am extremely proud to be heralding the return of the world’s most iconic car back to Philippine shores”, said Mr. JP Orbeta, president of Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI), the official importer and distributor of Volkswagen cars in the country.







Beetle 1.2 TSI

175 Nm at 1400 rpm

105 Ps at 4500 rpm

6-speed M/T


Beetle 1.4 TSI

240 Nm at 1500-4500 rpm

160 Ps at 4500 rpm

7-speed DSG


P1,840,000* *(Oryx White)

The Volkswagen BGC showroom is located at 28th Street City Center, Bonifacio Global City. Showroom hours are from Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm, Friday and Saturday 8am to 7pm, and Sunday 9am to 6pm. For more information on Volkswagen or to request for a test drive, visit or email


Design target: "Design a new original!"

The most recognizable automotive design in the world. Coke bottle, iPhone, Ray Ban Aviator, Beetle – how does one reinvent a design that is so recognizable and independent? There is a clear answer to this: It is necessary to understand the product and the brand; then it works! Volkswagen Design Chief Walter de Silva (Group) and Klaus Bischoff (Volkswagen Brand) "understand" both and therefore set this as the objective for the Beetle: "Design a new original!"

Challenge as a thrill. The team began its task under Bischoff’s guidance. The challenge of designing a new Beetle was inspiring. The designers knew that they wanted to develop from the original Beetle profile more than on the 1998 New Beetle. They also made very dynamic proportions a high priority. An interesting aspect was that more than a few team members actually own their own air-cooled Beetles. It has also become a cult car among younger designers at Volkswagen. And that is how the final design of the new Beetle came to be in Wolfsburg – a car of today as well as a design tribute to the automotive seed of an entire corporate group. And unmistakable indeed: If one were to take the first Beetle and the new Beetle and place them in a room together – shining light just over the roofs and viewing them from the side – one would see that the lines of the rear sections are nearly identical.

No standing still: "We remade every part."

Bolder, more dynamic, more masculine. A comparison to the 1998 New Beetle shows this: nothing remained as it was on the old car: "The Beetle is now characterized by a clean, self-confident and dominant sportiness. The car not only has a lower profile; it is also substantially wider, the front bonnet is longer, the front windscreen is shifted further back and has a much steeper incline. All of this creates a new dynamism," explains Klaus Bischoff. While the New Beetle was defined by three semi-circles (front wing, rear wing, domed roof above it), the new model has broken free of this geometry. The roof profile actually runs distinctly lower and can be considered a continuation of the Ragster concept car shown in Detroit in 2005 – a type of hot rod based on the New Beetle. The new Beetle is bolder, more dynamic, and more masculine.

The figures confirm this: The new car is 1,808 mm wide (84 mm wider), 1,486 mm tall (12 mm lower) and 4,278 mm long (152 mm longer). This has resulted in entirely new proportions. The gain in length meant that the roof could be extended further, the front windscreen could be shifted back, and the rear section could follow the contour of the original Beetle. The new focal point is the C-pillar. In parallel, the development team increased the car’s track widths and wheelbase. All of this gives the Beetle a powerful appearance with muscular tension.


Beetle 1.4 TSI Design DSG

· Beetle 1.4 TSI with 240 Nm at 1500-4500 rpm

· Power: 160 Ps at 5800 rpm

· New Direct Injected Gasoline Engine with Twincharger

· 7-speed DSG transmission

· Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering

· Bi-xenon head lights with automatic headlight activation and LED daytime running lights

Beetle 1.2 TSI Design MT

· Beetle 1.2 TSI with 175 Nm at 1400 rpm

· Power: 105 Ps at 4500 rpm

· New Direct Injected Gasoline Engine with Turbocharger

· 6-speed Manual transmission

· Electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering

· Halogen head lights with automatic headlight activation and separate daytime running lights


· Length: 4,278 mm

· Width: 1,808 mm

· Height: 1,486 mm

· Wheel base: 2,537 mm



Volks Wagen now are totally different, choices are within the reach of your palm… 



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