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One of the Greatest Resto that I’ve been thru is loacated at Aguirre St., BF Paranaque City. I never thought that there is a European resto inside BF Paranaque, all I know is that resto are know to our filipino delicacies within the area.

I was invited by a co-blogger if I wanted to try the food of SwissDeli and it’s in BF Paranaque, so I said its ok with me since I am familiar to the place I agree to be with them to taste the food and the kind of it.

So here we are ….


Lets start with different kind beverages to cool up your/our thirst …  



Start with smokey hot pot cheese only here at SwissDeli..

From the start palang we are all mesmerized on how they prepare the food, just like these boiling cheese. You can’t resist to have a taste coz it’s one of the delicacies in Europe, having these liquid cheese is like taking a glass of milk. Normally we eat solid cheese or spread cheese but having a liquid boiling cheese is totally different. Experience cheese in a totally different way and you’ll enjoy it, like we do.


Now the salad and hotdogs is here… Starting to fill our stomach for dinner.


As so called Crispy Pata, but here in SwissDeli called knuckle.. it’s a big serving and if and only if you are planning to order and finish the whole thing make sure you have your medications with you otherwise you need an ambulance. You cant resist to have it all coz it’s so tasty and yummy. Only at SwissDeli.


After a good tasty food now we’re full. and so deserts are here to serve us, even though we are full on our dinner even with out rice I can’t say NO to those deserts.

Try your best to have and experience the food here at SwissDeli thou it’s far I will assure you that you keep coming back. 



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