The Country Wife….

Posted: 11/21/2014 in Entertainment, Stage Play

Dulaang Makabuluhan in UP Diliman…

The Country Wife Ang Misis Kong Promdi Poster Sue Prado

Back when I was in high school I like watching stage play, not only because it is required to our english or pilipino subject I like it because it’s a continues natural act.

In the last few days I received a text messages from Philip Abadicio inviting me to watch the Launch of “ The Country Wife “ in UP Tanghalan, UP Diliman, QC. So I immediately replied that I am going to attend to the Play Launch. The Launched date invitation was last November 18, 2014, it’s my birthday and I said to myself that it’s a wonderful gift for me. But of course I didn’t say that it’s my birthday rather I watched and enjoyed the play.

At first I said, sana hindi boring yung play coz it’s my birthday. I have nothing to celebrate with my birthday coz my wife flew in to subic and my son is in school. So I am looking forward to enjoy the play.


The Cast…

Tony Mabesa Directs Philppine Debut of The Country Wife / Ang Misis kong Promdi by William Wycherley…

Acclaimed director Tony Mabesa adopts and directs Dulaang UP’s fourth offering for its 39th seasons, the Philippines premiere of William Wycherley’s The Country Wife. A classic sex comedy written in 1675, it satirizes hypocrisy and judgmental that dominated the Puritan Regime, issues that still hound contemporary society. DUP also stages Ang Misis kong Promdi, a direct filipino translation by Nicolas B.

The Country Wife / Ang Misis kong Promdi, is plot revolves around the lives of menand women highly society’ lives are entangled in a paradox of love, marriage, reputation, mores, sexual conduct, and politics. A notorious philanderer’s homecoming ignites a series of infidelities and indiscretions. An innocent young women from countryside speaks honestly to her thoughts and desire posing a challenge to the gendered norms and moral codes of 16th and 17th century London.





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